The cycle of Life and Unlife 1123


Whilst campaigning on the Lantian Isle of Sammerix, a crystal appeared calling itself the Draconic Lens. The Draconic Lens is the amalgamation of all Awakening Stones and has been appearing to factions of the Heartlands with encouragment for us to ask it questions about the world we live in. Given the changes we’ve recently seen in our world, we thought it pragmatic to ask three questions. The questions asked of the Draconic Lens were as follows:

Does diverting things from the Cycle of Life to the Cycle of Unlife hinder the growth or the health of the Dragon?

Do fatal wounds and wasting corrupt the pattern and send it to the Planes of Unlife?

Does laying to rest send a pattern to the Planes of Death and the Ancestors and does it correct a corrupted pattern?

The Draconi Lens responded with these words:

“The Qual exist in the Pillar of Life. The Kaluma exist in the Pillar of Death. The Bastellus exist in the Pillar of Unlife. The Ipraid are new and waking up wiht the fourth Pillar that we have not yet named.

Corruption is a part of Erdreja. The Planes of Unlife were created by great and powerful beings, embodiment level creatures made it. A little piece of unlife doesn’t cause long term damage. A single zombie is not a problem. However, corruption and necromancy has a tendency to spread quickly. Bigger amounts do cause problems. That single zombie going into a village and making a whole village of zombies is a problem. They cannot reproduce, they must take what is already there. The more they take, the less is left.

There is a tipping point, beyond which the Dragon will cease to be a living Dragon, and will become and unliving Dragon. If the Egg is to remain unchanged, some must stand against Necromancy and Corruption. If you don’t want an unliving Dragon, stand against Unliving to avoid reaching the tipping point.

The best way to do this is to help the Bastellus. Speak to them for more details.

Laying a pattern to rest sends it to the Planes of the Dead and to an Ancestor of their choice.

Wasting, fatal wounds and corruption will all send a pattern to the Planes of Unlife. If it is caught fast enough after death, laying that pattern to rest might fix it.”

I leave this true knowledge with yourselves to consider.

Thank you.
Lord General and High Crown of the Lions of Lantia,
Lord Dyrt