The Cult of the Dragon- Erdreja is Flat!

By our award-winning science reporter Algernon Q. Rump Erdreja – a great Egg, floating through the Void. Home to ourselves, and a slowly gestating giant, cosmic, magical dragon. Sound familiar? Of course – this is true, isn’t it? This is what we’re told from a young age. This is what the Watchers speak of.
Why do we so readily put our faith in Watchers? Why are we so ready to accept that we live on an Egg? Is it really that likely that we live on the shell of a giant space egg, in which slumbers some sort of cosmic dragon? Oh, yes, we have pictographical maps of this ‘Egg’ but only because some Beastman allegedly went to the Moon and drew it. It is the opinion of this reporter that the moon visit was faked – they probably just went on holiday to Telluria and drew a picture of an egg for a laugh. There’s no proof! Have you walked from one place to another? Have you noticed you’re walking on a curve, as you would on an egg? No! Erdreja is flat. And for some reason, the Watchers don’t want us to know this..
Where does the power from a Ritual go? To the Dragon? That’s what we’re told. But have you ever noticed the special abilities and powers the Watchers have? How do you think they get those? It’s a conspiracy, I tell you – some sort of cult! And we’ve all been duped! We’re all merrily plodding along accepting the fanciful notion that we live on an Egg, inside which is a baby Dragon, who watches us all, and there’s this group of great and good Watchers who take care of rituals and transport networks for us, and the like. This shady, unknowable gang of power-brokers and the lie they perpetuate about the Dragon and the Egg – well it’s time we all knew the truth.
We’ll get to the bottom of this, because the Tease brings you nothing but the truth!