The creation of stationary points (“null points”) during transportation on the Paths of Light

A few years ago, when a good colleague and myself were more adventurous, we conducted various investigations upon transportation, the method of travel between two points and how we could affect the time taken and method of travel.

For transportation, a ritualist creates a point that connects to the Paths of Light, which takes them to their destination. It is generally agreed that the Ritualist needs to know the destination circle or to have been told about it in great detail.There are exceptions to this rule, but these are not the topic of discussion here.

After some experimentation, we found that two ritualists working in tandem could create a “null point” (a space where travel seems to halt) during the journey without extending the usual time take for the same journey during a normal transport.

We found that after a while, we could to some extent control the occurrence of the null point and that once established minimal concentration was needed to maintain the point. We found that creating the null point did not create a blockage on the Path of Light that prevented others from using the same path and we surmised that our null point was possibly a loop in the path. Just a little concentration was needed to rejoin the normal flow of the path.

Sadly my colleague had been called to other duties within their Faction, so our null point investigation has been halted for the time being.

Further areas of future study would be to see if a single ritualist could create this null point, and also to see if they could take other persons into this point, how mass effects the null point creation and to predict any physical and/or magical repercussions of repeated creation.


The question was posed to me: if two ritualists transport from two locations to arrive at the same destination simultaneously, what happens?

Two separate ritualists never appear in the target circle at the same time, but appear one after the other. What I think happens is that one of the ritualists travels normally and the other ritualist must briefly go into a natural null point, a kind of ethereal queuing system, until the circle is clear for him to arrive. This natural null point is not created consciously I feel, but a natural safeguard on the Paths of Light. It is interesting to discover something that my colleague and myself did consciously is really a natural occurrence. However being able to consciously create a null point is a potentially useful skill and certainly something that would benefit from further investigation.


On a similar note, the Paths of Light may, to some degree, explain how the High magic spell “teleport” works. I believe that the intrinsic power of the spell creates a temporary weakness between the surface of Erdreja (or wherever) and the Paths of Light (in a very localised and brief existing transport circle effect). Without the precise instruction/intention I believe that the easiest path would be created and this easiest path is to create a brief link to the nearest Path of Light and then continue the journey to the nearest Void gate (ritual circle). In some respect I feel that True magic point to point teleport works in roughly the same way, creating a link to the paths of Light, transporting to the correct area and briefly creating a link to the exact destination point. Point to point teleport is potentially a very dangerous method of travel, because there are little safeguards should the teleporter get the precise destination wrong. It’s the difference between arriving safely or arriving waist deep in solid rock. However, it could be theorised that point to point teleport is by it’s very nature pure magic, and that it works by traversing the mana flows across Erdreja. Which theory it is, I do not know. True magic is true magic and anything is possible.

HPS Gealachlai Fraoch Gealbhan
5th day of the 9th Moon 1102 AF