The Covenant – Notes from Torvell


The Covenant are a group of people who believe that noble Albione bloodlines should be kept “pure”. They are as much against the marriage of nobility with “common stock” as they are against the intermarriage between races. They have had agents in the Library, much to the disgust of Waldorf. They work with and through demons.

They murdered Gytha Ogg, the wife of Corax Corvidae.
They almost certainly have designs on Madelaine Falcon and Alyce Constantine.
Nicholas himself was probably a target for his mixed race heritage.

This is as much as I can currently recall.

from Lord Nicholas’ notes, I recall that the Covenant were much as My Lord Piers has said.

A group devoted to keeping the bloodlines of Noble Albion pure from outside influence, be it from a foreign land, non-Noble blood, or mixed heritage … such as Fae, Elf or whatever the case may be.

Nicholas’ received a threat on his life some time ago, and in fact notices were put about that both Nicholas and his uncle … Finn’s baby son Lachlan … had been murdered on the way to deal with the Death Knight Mark.

Not long after that Lachlan actually was killed.

Due to his very nature Lord Nicholas was told by the Covenant that if he married, mated or even looked at anyone in the wrong way that it would be THEM that sufferred before he did, but that they would be ‘put down’ like dogs.

I think that Waldorf or perhaps Anghard may be able to provide a lot more information about the Covenant and their actions.
Phienoxs scribe
Angharad walks in, carrying instrument and basket. Sets up a backgammon board*

Wulde there be anye for a gayme? I do beleeue thatt I schal be directe, as my reports haue seruyed as no thynge. There are six names I uncouered.

James Kilearny
Lennard Graves
John Pool
Sir Frederick Eagles
Peter of Eaton
Sir Hadrian Edward Greaves

The Covenant passeth from father to sonne. I have nat ascertained which of theis gentles hath engendered sonnes, but you maie rest assured thei are inuolued if thei so haue.

*raises an eyebrow at bleys and grins*

Now that would be telling,

*To Angharrad*

A man by the name of Rodderick Eagles was captured having killed a number of Librarians at brighthelm Staine last year
In Blood and Fire
I Remains

Captain Eclipse
Company of the Blackened Staff

The Miles stuff was related to Richard Derby who ojected to non nobles becoming nobles, He was a demonologist who dabbled and i first met him when he was playing with demons in the bloodwood that was made out of victims of the Messina Plauge, brought to Albion by the Sakes.

He turned up at a moot last year and was put on trial, during the trial he turned into a demon due to dabblings gone wrong and a demon horde turned up also. He and the horde where killed. This horde is not to be confused with the Overload demon

I do not know if he was a memeber of the Covenant or not, as the covenant just seem to object to non nobles marrying nobles, not non nobles becoming noble if that makes sense.
In Blood and Fire
I Remains

Captain Eclipse
Company of the Blackened Staff

A while back dis lady called Granny Ogg married a noble bloke an’ dey had kiddies, but sum ovver people got in a ‘uff about it and kidnapped da kiddies. After a lot of lookin’ into dis a number ov people wot wozn’t nobs but woz married ta nobs got nasty letters freatenin’ ’em. Den in da spring last year some ‘Arts and friends woz at a party at da big Library at Brighthelm Stane an’ found out dat a group of blokes ‘ad been usin’ some ghost ta research da proper royal bloodlines for Albion an’ were all concerned about dis “purity” thin’. Allegedly dey don’t likes non Albiones or commoners or non ‘umanses marrying Albione nobleses and ‘ad been freatenin’ sum peoples about dis.

An’ dere woz dis “Dark Noble” bloke who got uppity about non nobles bein’ gived ‘noblements or noble titles an’ such like. An’ ‘e’d allegedly freatened some peoples by letter too. Now he was dabblin’ wiv demonses an’ he may ‘ave got togevver wiv dis Covenant lot inta Blood Purity. Loads of people got jobbed in da Greenwood last summer by demonses dat da Covenant ‘ad control ov – frough dis “Dark Noble” bloke.


We don’t know who dese Convenant really are ‘cos deir names are all fings like Fred ov York wot don’t really mean much – prolly not even called Fred an’ prolly don’t even come from York. We knowz dat dey’ve worked togevver, or wiv the same peoples ‘cos day’ve all got da same type ov ‘andwritin’ and Guvette Angharad ov da Bards guild said so. An’ she knowz wot she’z talkin’ about.

And da Cap’n went off on one about Don Adamari ‘cos allegedly ‘e’z got a bit of secret code wot dis Covenant lot writed. An’ da Don is a very very norty boy ‘cos ov wot ‘e did ta us when we woz in Sicilija dis spring.

So … any questions so far Mister Osric?

*sits back and has a drinkie*