The Closing of the Hellmouth and the Saving of Albion

During the last Gathering of Nations the faction was contacted by a demon messenger, and the information would prove vital to our fight to close the Hellmouth. The demon was able to reveal the location of one of the elemental stones that would help us reseal the portal.
The stone, representing the element of Time, was to be found at the Blackwood Keep clock. It was explained that due to the nature of the mission it was strongly advised that only those without much history should be sent. It was decided by the faction that the young squires of Albion were best suited to this crucial task, and, with the assistance of the squires of our allied nations, the Dragons and Vipers, they set out to retrieve the stone.
Their first task was to clear the way to the clock face by defeating menacing demons, getting past treacherous spinning clock hands, and being knocked from their feet by the ground-shaking toll of the bell.
The demons were sabotaging the clock by stealing vital gears that were needed to repair it, but our brave squires fought them off, chasing them, and retrieved the parts they needed.
Their mission was not yet done. The clock parts had to be replaced in the correct order, and of course they managed the task, unlocking another part of the clock in the process. They discovered that the demons had been holding captives, and our heroes were able to rescue Mother and Father Time from their prison inside the clock.
Grateful for the help, Mother and Father Time rewarded them with the stone they had been searching for, and told them the day and time that the Harts needed to reset the Hellmouth seal in Marchwood. Without their valiant efforts it is unlikely we would have been able to close the portal at all, and for this we owe them our deepest gratitude.