Study of the Conclave, Gathering 1105

Over the last few years a threat has been stirring within the shadows of Erdreja, an ancient power
that is focussed to one foal, that of the induction of the Cataclysm upon Erdreja.
It is their intent to wipe clean the slate of existence whilst protecting their own number and then
reforming the world anew in their own image and by their own design.
The Conclave was born of a great conflict between the Elder and younger races Erdreja that occurred
aeons ago.
The Elder races created a series of powerful magical artefacts (the magical Tomes and Orbs of
power) to govern and control the younger races use of magic. These imposed restrictions formed the
basis of their animosity, which soon escalated into open hatred and war.
The Elder races, with their superior magics soon began to overwhelm the younger races. To avoid
oblivion the younger races developed a machine of war known as the ‘Mordred Device’ that would
cripple and diminish any Elder being who tried to summon their high magics.
The Mordred device turned the tide of the Great War and the Elder races surrendered to the
combined younger races in exchange for the dismantling of the Mordred Device.
After their victory the combined younger races formed a common unity which we now know as ‘The
Empire’, this Empire ruled Erdreja for an age in which the younger races power began to rival that of
their forebears.
After their defeat at the hands of the younger races many of the Elder Races began to diminish into
the deepest heart of their ancient realms: the forest, the Underdark, the Great Mountains… places
far from the eyes and interference of younger races.
A handful of the defeated Elder races went into a far deeper shadow far from the eyes of all… even
their own kindred.
This small group of Elder-kin became the founders of the Conclave as we know it today, and their
machinations would come to shape the world as we know it.
500 years after the Elder war a great drought fell upon the lands of the heartlands, now ruled by the
collected younger races, otherwise known as the Empire.
By the Emperors command a great ritual was brought about to summon much needed rain upon all
the lands of the Empire to refresh and restore the crops and thereby abate the famine that was
swiftly spreading.
It was at this time that the small group of Elder beings now known as the Conclave returned to enact
their terrible revenge upon the younger races whom had defeated and banished them five centuries

The Conclave interfered with the ritual and unbalanced the magics within. Great waters were
summoned that changed the face of Erdreja to that as we know today… the Great Empire was all but
drowned beneath the floods… cities lost beneath the waves… Legions destroyed… an Emperor lost.
The Conclave slipped back into the shadows that had become their Sanctuary and began to forge the
next step of their plan… actions that have consumed the vast span of time between that day long
past to the here and now.
The founders of the Conclave are believed to consist of thirty individuals, a leading council of eight
members who in turn are served by twenty-two trusted agents of great power.
Those outside of this number (those who have been seen to date) are Allies that have been recruited
to serve the Conclave’s caus in return for salvation when the Conclave orchestrate the next
Cataclysm (that of Fire).
The council of Eight do not trust each other entirely, only their utter hatred for the younger races
and their united goals bind them.
It is believed that within the council of Eight there is a subtle power struggle, the results of which are
only witnessed on rare occasion and then only by their own number.
Albreeth sim Hendrike – The Elven Lord is accounted to be the founder of the Conclave and the most
powerful of the council of Eight. Believed to be fluent in True Magic to an extent only surpassed by
the Immortal Pattern of Magic.
He is served by six agents within whom he is believed to have shared the lesser circles of his
knowledge of True and High Magic.
Zildrakakqour – The Dark Elven Lord is the master of the Conclaves assassins, little else is known at
this time.
He is served by five agents, who share his silent and deadly craft.
Sendor Earthborn – This Dwarven Lord is recorded as being exiled from his own race. He is accounts
as being a Master Runelord though is cursed and unable to teach it to others.
The Conclave Control Rune is believed to have been created and forged by Sendor.
Sendor is served by four agents.
Webleck – The powerful Ogre Mage is accounted for being brutal and being able to measure and
enslave minds using his magics (though not to the underlying extent of the Control Rune).

He recruited a collection of Olog tribes from the far southern lands who seem to be under his utter
Was originally served by five agents though now measured as three through recent conflicts.
Olvinas sim Lavelime – This female Elven Lord is accounted as being able to control the powers of
Dark Incantation, True Magic and Necromancy.
Large numbers of Unliving employed in recent conclave activities have been attributed to her and
three agents.
Her standing in the Eight was shaken when her attempt to gain rank within its number was crushed
by the combined efforts of Albreeth and Zildrakaqour.
Isshaldra Melthern – Elven Lord, believed at this time to be warrior caste (unconfirmed)
Is served by three agents.
Tekreff Debrath – Ogre Magi of notable power, his role within the Eight is currently undefined.
Is served by three agents.
Aribaan – Unknown Race, has the ability to Shapeshift with flawless skin. His role is a spy-master to
the Eight and all manner of subterfuge.
Is served by two agents whom share his power of guise, though not to an equal level as he.
Olog Shendrathy – Master of the Conclaves Golem armies, his own body was destroyed by the
Mordred Device. He has had a new body built for him by an unknown source. His shell is wrought of
a material so resilient only an artefact weapon may land a telling blow.
He may usurp control of any construct at will regardless of their current master.
The true nature and power of the conclave control runes are as yet not fully understood.
It is known however that those under its influence will do anything regardless of risk o repercussion.
A small hand of Master healers, through trial and error, have found a means to shatter a conclave
control rune though such a deed is of great effort even for they.
It is believed that every factin and every guild at this time harbours allies or agents of the Conclave in
some measure.

Some of these infiltrators may seemingly be at a low level but they are there with dire purpose and
great forethought.
These infiltrators may not even be aware of their conclave control, the magics of the control rune
lying dormant until empowered at the chosen time.
It is advised that all Factions and Guilds look to their own and identify potential threats.
At the Incantors Parliament 1103 the Prophesy of Erdreja was discovered and issued among the folk
of the Heartland. It speaks of the threat of the Conclave though its source has not been verified as of

And verily it shall come to pass that all this world that mine will alone hast brought into being shall
be in grave peril, and yea then shall I return and through mine will alone mine children shall prosper.
Let then, all of this world, proclaim with great tumult that I am Erdreja, who is all that was and all
that shall be. Long shall be the way and even fraught with danger, for is it not written that the path
to light is a dark and lonely route. And ye turn aside from mine path than shall thee most assuredly
perish, even unto the last generation.
This child of mine hast not I named in my own honour? How then shall it come to pass that I shall
fade from memory, for verily I disclaim shall I exist as an echo in a time that is yet to come.
All now is clear before me and fate shall ever be mine constant companion. This child of mine shall
bring forth yet more children, more populous than fishes in the sea, and wiser yet than the eagles
that soar above mine child. For yet a while shall these offer me all praise and honour due, and yet
they shall know me not. Then shall mine grandchildren even tear me asunder, in the name of faith.
And behold, shall they then worship the very pieces into which they have rent me.
Against this eventuality shall I give this to thee who shall be guardians of truth and knowledge, as
shall be the children’s children unto the last age.
Time shall pass and alas shall mine tempestuous grandchildren in strife make war upon each other.
In this war shall faith be torn from my child, even those who watch for my return, but fear not for
this shall be a portent that the time is yet near that I shall bring succour to mine child.
From the ashes of this shall rise the empire of man, Yet all shall not be as it should, Be ye ware! Evil
incarnate shall await the unwary and it shall bear the name Conclave. Yet mine grandchildren shall
all unwary ignore the signs that I shall write upon the heavens, and lo it shall come to pass that the
empire of man shall be brought low by those who ever wait in the shadows. Yet verily shall I say
unto thee fear ye not, for this shall be the second portent that the hour of mine return is yet to

From the very embers of all despair shall there arise champions, and they shall number ten, and
verily shall be as beasts.
Lo do I tell thee there shall arise the brothers Lupine of the North and Canine of the South. Verily
also shall Felix and Ursa come forth in mine name. Amongst mine champions shall be numbered the
fiery wyrm, the cunning serpent and the horned horse. The noble stag and the mystical gryphons
shall also answer mine call. Mine last champion shall be the spider, the venomous keeper of faith
who lurks all unseen waiting to strike at mine enemies.
Forsooth, verily do I most earnestly beseech thee that thou await the final portent of mine return
with vigilance and diligence. Thou shall know that the time of my return is at hand when the fallen
empire of man shall all unannounced be resurrected from its most watery grave. Once more shall
the empire of man make war and they shall strike at the fiery wyrm with all their fell might.
In the hour that the wyrm shall fall and yet shall not be slain shall those of true faith take up mine
message. Verily shall mine chosen go forth upon a journey, a holy pilgrimage, and they shall seek out
an assembly of those who have faith and who yet are blinded to the truth.
This then shall mine emissaries proclaim: Fear ye not for thou should knowest that thou art indeed
mine children, flesh of mine flesh, and I will not have thee abandoned unto the Conclave. Rejoice ye
for the time hath come when Erdreja shall bring succour even unto those who hath in all despite cast
aside mine affection. And lo indeed doth I bequeath unto thee thine birthright. Arise in my name
and cast out the Conclave in my name, rejoice in my name and give praise in my name. Then and
only then can thou be free of the insidious parasite I name Conclave and with the demise of this
creature shall the empire of man return from whence it came and shall be returned unto thee that is
Up until recent times the actions of the conclave have been wrought in shadows and misdirection.
Despite that the following events have been attributed to their number:
– The instigation of the war campaign between the heartland nations and the Empire
– Systematic Flooding of areas of the Underdark
– The assault and then destruction of Armengar
– The death of several noted Faction Members over the passion of the Games and Moots of 1105
including Queen Elspeth of the Harts and Prince Bishop Lemming of the Lions
– The death of a noted Dragon Bard whom was trying to unravel secrets of the conclave from ancient
– Assaults from Ogre Magi against some of the opposed faction camps at Moot 2 1105
– Exposed alliances with Illithids and Elves from a yet un-confirmed house
– The utter magical destruction of Royal Meath (Erin), Milford (Albion), Pitlochery (Caledonia), Berlyn
(Teutonia), Holy Isle (Lantia), Moonhaven (Estragales), Bagdad (Maurabia) and Ustica (Spine of
Tebron) at the close of Moot 2.
At the close of Moot 2 forces of the Heartlands combined with a Legion of the Empire sacked the
Conclave base known as Rainbow Bridge, capturing its commander in the process.

The results of the proceeding interrogation will be released at the Gathering 1105.