Sir Huw Accused

Sir Huw de Grognard
These are certainly strange times. It is with caution that I write this narrative. Many know me as an honest man which seems to be among my largest failings certainly with a certain family. Lord Arcane and the Dragons would agree with this as he outlawed me for this.
Sir Wilfred formerly of the Dragons who said that through a strange dream he was driven to take an oath to the Morrigan handed Sir Huw some documents. He wore chain and on inspection I concluded that these were not the originals. At the time he had neglected to say that they were copies. This was witnessed by Darak and Lady Camille.
The next day upon the arrival of Lord General Calin, I attempted to speak upon this matter. At which a perturbed Sir Hugo advanced upon me threateningly and demanded the letters. I asked him how did he know that they were in my possession. He stated that these were a test of my loyalty. This was taken by me as a great offence as those who know me know where my loyalty stands. Lord Calin requested that Sir Hugo should give a reason for this to me later in the day.
After a long interview with Sir Wilfred, it seems that these were copies made by someone who had access to Lord General Arcane’s library and that he could procure more. I asked him to do so. [I did not believe this fabrication of the facts that he had been told to say.]
On information he was given, Elias Karlennon junior demanded my presence. I followed him to the Ritual Circle almost at the run. I stopped just before coming to the Ritual Circle for a moment when I heard heavy footsteps behind me gaining upon me and saw Sir Jonathan and Baron Jaspar. I thought that this may mean trouble for me and my heart missed a beat.
Elias said to me in a commanding voice that belied his years, “I am investigating accusations made against you for treason, plotting against my mother (Lady Tarragon) and in involvement in my attempted assassination. I do not believe that of you Sir Huw.” I had not heard the last sentence and thought that he was accusing me of treason. After this was cleared up, I replied, “I did not bring to the Karlennon’s the letters as I was investigating their authenticity. They seem clearly to be forgeries. After all I have spent my life with documents. There were a number of historical inconsistencies and they seemed from the manner of expression from the same pen rather than from Lady Karlennon and Brogar.”
Elias in a rising anger that showed his age, “In future Sir Huw you bring such things to us immediately.” I replied, “I was broaching the subject to Lord Calin who is my lord. If you have a problem with my conduct then talk to my Lord. You may request any service of me but I am not forsworn to the Karlennons but the Hunters and thence to Albion.” This statement was made before Elias was shown as the true king. With swiftness of youth, Elias with his faithful bodyguards departed.
I was left in confusion and with the rising indignation of the righteous. I returned to the inn and threw my tankard at the wall. This missed Lady Ailish and Silkin ap Palarran deep in conversation. Lady Ailish was very concerned about how upset I was. She knew that I was not aiming at them. It opened the old wounds that were with me from a number of years ago when the Karlennon Household held me accountable for a private communication concerning the inner workings of the Government that I had been ordered to write by Lady Tarragon (then Lady Karlennon in 1095 AF). Certainly the cordiality of an old friendship between Sir Huw and Lady Ailish was extinguished by their actions. This I have borne with a heavy Celtic heart. Her retirement from public life will be mourned as few would doubt her ability certainly not me as I had happily administered her County of Shrewsbury when I first joined the Hunters.
I was calmed enough to explain my plight to her. I was informed that Lord General Calin had returned from the search for the Deep Drow Assassins. I stormed into the hall and in a commanding voice, “CALIN HERE NOW!!!!!” With almost a roar at the end. He immediately responded. I explained the nature of my distress. Elsbreth approached and was told to go away in no uncertain terms. The discussions carried on for some minutes as witnessed by Darak and a few other trusted fellows.
My temper took some time to subside. I apologised to Elspeth for my hasty words and calmed my friends that things were being sorted. It was the first time that most had seen Sir Huw in total flight of fury and quite frightened them that his demeanour could be so disturbed. The stress of other things made it worse.
Late on the Saturday night, Sir Hugo asked for a very private audience. He explained that one who is not at present in Albion approached him with a plan to test my loyalty. As the plans were so advanced he followed them. This was hard to accept but I did.
The other accusations of my plotting against Lady Tarragon, Treason and attempted assassination of a number within the Karlennon Household came from Josephine of the Lions. He asked about what I had said to her at the Dragons Council. I remember that I stressed that an agreement between the Lords is fine but you need to convince the army and the citizens that the disastrous war over the control of Albion is resolved finally.
This seemed to have satisfied him at least at present. My loyalty is to Lord Calin of the Hunters and Albion. Blind obedience is very dangerous and this was the main cause of the Civil War. You lead people by their hearts and not by threats.