Silverlake 1114 – The Fey Situation

Filed by Lenore of The Black Hand

Among all the others extraordinary events that took place at Bell’s Fayre, a word should be said about the Fey matters. Most Fey gathered took part in a trial issued by Pendragon’s emissary Mallory. There they demonstrated their unity as a race by willingly scarring themselves with Cold Iron to save one of their number. Though the scars were healed through rites during the night, the sense of solidarity remains.

On the last day of the Fayre, following a show of strength by Queen Eloise, the Lords and Ladies of the Fey Courts of Albion conferred and agreed to support the Queen and her efforts. Each court chose a member of the Harts to represent them at the Queen’s court and to act as liaison between the Fey and the nation. These emissaries are Kaira of the Frozen Court representing the Crystal Court, Weathereye of the Beastmen for the Court of Dreams and Lenore of the Black Hand for the Tomorrow Court.

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