Second Moot, 1099 AF

Mrs Fr’ith Thornblade

This being a record of those events which I noted while at the second moot, which were the Wolf Moot.

Concerning the ending of the Curse on the Wolf Firstborn
This curse being worked through a number of trees, as Recounted in Previous Records, there were a Final Quest to destroy the tree of Vanaheim. After much soul-searching I decided that were better if I stood back, allowing someone else to Strike a Blow also, and so have little to report on this save the Glorious News that the last tree were destroyed, and that is once more safe for our Young Women to become mothers and that them as were exiled can now Return Home.

Concerning the first-born of Durith the Arch-High Incantor
To distract myself from fretting about the tree quest, I betook myself to the Incantors Guild which was All Afluster, reason being Matron Mother Mirasen (which my apologies if misspelt) had arrived with the son of herself and Durith, being Mirarith. It being the custom among her people that the father have the care of children, the Poor Little Thing had been put into Durith’s arms who looked Much Bewildered, and more so when he were Handed The Spider as will be the child’s Guardian and Protector. This were nothing to his confusion when the need for a Wet Nurse were explained – I were worried he would faint but safe enough, Pape mopping his brow Most Gentle as required.
I could talk much about this, but baby-talk being of Little Interest except to mothers will Confine Myself to the Important Details. I saw Mirarith last on the final day of the Moot, by which time Durith were looking a Little Less Nervous with his son, and have every hope that will be All Fine. His new mother-to-be look seem be a Most Intelligent Lady, and also there is No Shortage of Incantors as will act as Guardians to the little mite, who may be in for a Rough Ride, being of two races.

Concerning the Wretched Man, Vengris and Ishtar
I now recount my First Contender for this year for the Thing I Would Not Do In A Ritual Circle competition, being that Master Lasha, in his Wisdom, decided to destroy the Tome of the Templars in which Vengris (an Evil Being) had been confined. That at least prevented anyone from Reading the Tome any more, but also released Vengris, who ran amok doing much damage but fortunately I think no-one died at this point. I did not see what happened, being busy with young Mirarith who were Very Distressed from the moment Vengris were released despite me and him Being Safe in the guild tents At The Time. Reckon he is a True Son of his father.
The following night (to keep tales together) Vengris come back from where-ever, with the Wretched Man and Cal Thorn who he called Nexus (as recounted Elsewhere). I were at the time passing but having the Great Good Fortune to be in the company of the Hero Lemming McYokel were not afeard at all. The further tale of Cal is for The Fellowship to recount, if they wish.
There were a Great Fight broke out, in which the Wretched Man were finally destroyed to dust, but it seemed Vengris were immune to all things that hit him. Then a scroll was found of a prophecy that he should Beware the Axe, and Vengryn the Inquisitor hearing this took in his hands the axe of Ishtar, (her being at one time a HellHound of the Dragons, and now an Ancestor). Calling her name he smote Vengris a Mighty Blow, which hurt him sorely and sent him into a rage so that he Struck Down his attacker with many Fatal Wounds, almost bringing his to death On The Instant. Scafloc then picked up the axe and Struck Vengris Again whereupon he vanished whence he Had Come.
By calling on Ishtar it seem Vengryn revealed himself a True Wielder of the Axe of Ishtar, being now transformed into an ancestral weapon of Great Power by Her Will. It is a strange thing that our defender against Vengris should be called Vengryn, which make me think there is More Going On than we know. In cases of confusion, however, Vengryn is also known as the Inquisitor of the Incantors Guild, so can be asked after thusly.

Concerning the Runners of the Wild Dream and Master Hagar of the Healers Guild
Returning to the First Night, there were a group went out As It Appears, to the Great Forest of Norsca, their intention being to destroy a Plague Demon as were imprisoned there. Alas their enthusiasm and also sense of urgency as imparted by he who set them the task (which gentleman a Large Number of people would now wish speech with) meant they did not speak first with those who lived in the forest, being Principally those fey known as the Runners of the Wild Dream, of the Wolf faction, and it fell out in the end that three of the Runners were killed (thinking themselves under attack and so defending fiercely), and the demon were not destroyed But Released.
This is a Matter which provoke Very Strong Feelings, and so I will try that I report nothing but that which I Know To Be True. It were determined that Stefan Louis, being in charge of the Healers Guild at the time, were to be executed as responsible for the deaths of these Wolves. The Runners did not consider there were any Weregild could be offered, their people being Long-Lived but slow to breed and a Thousand Years of Life gone with the deaths. In the morning Grand Master Hagar said that if anyone must die that would be him, and so he were taken to Odinsheim where he were Put To Death.
I am glad I am not the King, as had to Give That Order.
A Strange Thing occurred later in the day, which was Master Hagar turning up in the Wolf Camp although being Quite Dead earlier. I were dispatched with one of the Runners (Scalarin? again my apologies for I am Right Bad with names) to try if Hagar’s body were still at Odinsheim and to speak with his spirit to get an explanation If Possible. Such being the case and having Asked Permission of His Spirit that I might ask questions (which is not necessary, but Only Courteous) got the Following Facts.

  1. There were two Hagars, and therefore two heads of the Healers Guild.
  2. There have been two Hagars since November last.
  3. That the Hagar as was dead were Not Happy with this two Hagar situation.
  4. That neither were Doppelgangers, and they were not Related By Blood.

which were all Most Perplexing. I misremember if there were Anything Else, but folks welcome to talk to me, as might Bring Back more memories. That were a Bit Confusing.

Concerning the death of Ged of the Fellowship.
Ged were last seen just before the Great Storm broke. I did not know he were Missing until almost the full day had Gone By, and although I found out his name in the Book of the Dead at Caer Dannon, that were too late to find his body also for his Last Words, which the Fellowship had tried also him being One of Their Own. There were a man of the Incantors Guild helped me in this – I would like to thank him but do not know his name. Kurt I can thank, who Looked After Me while I were searching And Afterwards.
Ged and Leren, they were the first folk as Took Time to talk to me when I were new out of the Mountains, and his loss is a Grevious Thing for me as For Others. I only hope Leren’s faith keep him safe in the Adversity He Is Facing.

Concerning the Meeting of the Star Chamber Council
This being the council which run most Internal Matters within the Wolves. I did not attend all, but was interested to see who would be elected as Lord Chief Justice, as I have been acting In That Capacity since Kurt stepped down at the Heartland Games. I had Very Much wished to stand for This Post myself, with Kurt’s promise of help as I am Most Grateful for, (as I am for All Else of aid he is to me), but that King Gunnar did not wish me to, and therefore I Did Not. With all that happened elsewhere with regard to Master Hagar I were not always sure thereafter if this were not a Blessing In Disguise.
She who were elected, being Kardan(?) the Lawgiver of Orknejar probably far better suited anyways, and good to have the links with Orknejar made stronger In This Way. Lance Kalzas who is chair of the Council will have More Information on all else – I have never had the gift of following speech in meetings.

Concerning the ritual of the Psycho-cuckoo
Mentioning this only because I were so Gloomy with All Manner of Things on the morning of the execution, and then saw the rehearsal of the ritual by Serafiya de Medici, which were a Truly Splendid Thing and laughter the best medicine for all ills.
I do not know how the Wolf faction came to have Such People amongst our number, and am perplexed Very Much sometimes, but though our own ales and meads are Most Excellent, I am thinking that the fine Sicillian wines Add Greatly to our feasts. (That is hard to talk of such without Waxing Metaphorical, even for me, so Do Excuse.)

Concerning the breaking of the Siege of Vanaheim, and the Death of Deimos
Already there are tales and songs of the Fall of Vanaheim to the White Hand. This then is part of The Tale of how they Could Not Hold that which they stole, and how Deimos paid with his life for his crimes.
Klaus Rykersson led the armies of the Wolves in an assault on Vanaheim, where though Greatly Outnumbered did they did Mighty Battle and drove the White Hand out toward the ritual circle which in Happier Times were how much trade and so forth reached the city. As the White Hand survivors (including their leaders, Most Bravely) reached the circle they found a Surprise, being Many More Wolves and also allies from Other Factions. In their first panic these leaders of the White Hand just repelled us backwards from the circle as we Came Through in groups, putting up wall of ice to block us. However in the end there were Too Many of us come through to be stopped all, and so the fight began.
The powerful ones of the White Hand had Great strength, such that they could Crush a Limb with a Single Blow. Having tried what my staff could do I left more of the fighting to those with Suitable Weapons (in particlar there were a Large Number of Flaming Weapons about), concentrating on healing friends and Getting in the Way of enemies til those who could hurt’em could Deal With.
Mead McCloud led a Great Assault on Deimos, who were wishful to take an eye In Return for his that Mead took previous. Then there were Much Smiting, us all seeing chance to Strike Back on this foe, and although he Stood Up Again once, that were All Over for him. Eris and Phobos, seeing which way the tide were turning, Ran Away, leaving us to finish what were left of their army, which we did Right Readily. So far as I know, all returned safely from this battle, which is Good.

Concerning the Ritual which Serin Majere wished to perform
This being the other main contender for the Thing I Would Not Do in a Ritual Circle (previous years including Opening The Void Gate and going back to camp, which were accidental, but still a Bad Thing).
It seem that Serin had Conceived The Idea of calling Maar the Faceless and Golgamoth into the Ritual Circle at the same time and compelling them to Fight Unto Destruction, that way the Heartlands would be One Enemy Less. Announcing this intention with a half an hour to go, there were Much To-Do in the Wolf Camp, there being a certain number of people Not Entirely Convinced that this were a Good Idea.
One of his contributors, being Rhiann who is at present With Child, suddenly got a Nasty Bump on the Head, and (it seem) were confined to her tent by Maeril to prevent a recurrence of the problem. I went With Another of his contributors (whose name I cannot Call To Mind at present) round All The Marketplace to try and find those others who were missing, but though we searched at Great Length we found them not. Returning to the ritual circle we discovered that the Aett Volsung, a group but recently joined the Wolves who have Acquitted Themselves very well so far, had subdued Serin in the circle before Any Summoning could happen.
As other people were wishful to use the Ritual Circle, this were the end of the Matter, though Serin is Most Displeased.

Concerning Golgamoth and the obelisk
This is becoming a Mighty Screed, and I have not Told The Half of what I saw, which is Still Only a Tiny Part of all that happened. However, the last thing I shall note for this Moot is the Great Battle between All The Peoples and the forces of Golgamoth, who brought himself through to the Ritual Circle later on the last day, holding the Void Gate open by his own power that Unliving might come forth in Great Profusion.
At the Same Time, at the top of the hill (the circle being at the bottom) the Obelisk outside the Bears Camp started to bring forth Unliving of its own, and so there were two battles. (That is not a good idea to run between two battles, you can Trust Me On This, as should have Known Better). They neither of them ended til Master Hagar as it seems went into the void with Grendel to close the gate. It is believed they escaped into the void, though no-one know for sure.

Concerning things which do not fit into these tales
There is someone or some things trying to ‘purify’ the Scouts Guild, by means of killing all those scouts they can find. I would be glad to know Who and Why.
Enoch did a Most Wondrous ritual, which if I were a bard would write Great Things in praise of, but cannot do justice to, other than saying that were Grand.
Tarl Halavanta the Hero of Vanaheim and Wielder of Thor’s Hammer is seeking a wife, having nearly died once and so wishing to father a New Generation, also he have spent All His Money at the Bacchus Brothel. They do say he cannot be fumbled…

This being all I will record on the events of the Second Moot, for though the Quiet Times between the excitement often what I Remember Best, they make for Dull Tales. To those who create the quiet times I am Grateful, and if I could Give Names without fear of Missing Out would do so, for that is Worthy of Honour also which is not Adventures and Drama.
PS My thanks to those who inquired. Hal is mostly clean again now and Erin is Very Sorry, and will not be doing any more Cuckoo Rituals til she’s a grown-up lady. Also if anyone have a lock as can be fitted to a cupboard, I would be Most Grateful.