Scouting Reports October 1106


Cornwall is a place of much intrigue since the Cataclysm. Scouts sent to the area where the mists were have found odd landmarks and ruins that do not seem consistent with any history of the area. This is creating a great deal of scouting effort and reducing the effectiveness of coverage elsewhere in the duchy.
The circle at Bristol has been damaged and the city of Bristol has had to be evacuated for fear of danger to the populous. Across the Barony of Alton a large forest has appeared. This came from nowhere and there are rumours of strange and fabulous creatures residing in there. No confirmation of this has been discovered at this time, as no one actually claiming to have been in there has been found.
With this forest not yet explored. No scouts have managed to get beyond it to get to causeway to the Island of Lundy. The circle on the island doesn’t seems to be working as transports are bouncing back to the unstable circle at Bristol.


With the presence of demons and the Green Man driven from the Greenwood the people of Gloucester are coping well with the food shortages. The Gloucester Battalion and the First Tooth & Claw try to get food through the forested areas to the people most in need.
With Cornwall as part of Albion again, the people of Gloucester are more settled without danger on their border. They welcome their brothers with open arms and get back to the task of rebuilding the land and feeding those in need.
Followers of Nethras and the Hunter work hand in hand to secure food and safety for the people of Gloucester. People seem to travel for miles to help with the rebuilding of Castleford and seem to want little in return. Nobles and serfs alike move bricks and burn bodies from the carnage that the Green Man delivered


The general feeling in Keswick is fear. Since the Conclaves rituals to blight the duchies crops and cover the land with a layer of ash (created from turning Rockholm into a pillar of fire), life in Kewsick has been harsh. Although the ritual powers of the Beastmen have healed much of the land, the Cataclysm has bought a new hardship. Tremors shake the land as the mountains of the eastern Dragon’s Spine Mountains have started to move.
People in the barony of Naseby have been leaving the province in fear and flocking to Milford. Although Leeds and Eaton are becoming overcrowded – there is enough food for the winter months and enough labour for hire rebuilding the Milford to make sure that people are well cared-for.
Further south in Rufford, the Dragonspine has also started to move. Although the damage to Tewksbury isn’t intensive, there have still been reports of several deaths there. More worrying it is said that those that died have risen again and although the Keswick Battalion and the Armourer’s Guild have managed to control the Unliving, the source of this necromantic corruption is unknown. This may require further investigation.
There have also been other reports of the dead rising across the duchy. This had not added to the state of unrest in the Duchy. These unliving have been seen in packs, feeding on cattle and other livestock. The cities of Carlisle and Keswick are still mainly deserted, and it is rumoured that the dead walk the streets at night; such was the levels of death in the famine.
Faith in the Trinity has increased dramatically across Keswick, and although shrines have been placed in several places, the building of a great Cathedral to the Trinity has been included in the rebuilding of Milford.
With no ritual circles active in Keswick and only the Havoc and Tewksbury transport circles active travel has become increasingly difficult.


To the west of Winchester, the spine of Albion shifts and the land starts to move. This seems to have diverted the course of the River Stour causing yet more flooding, this time damaging Worcester. Morale generally in Winchester is high.
Scouts operating between the keeps at Sherburn and Poynton have gone missing whilst investigating reports of undead. The captain of the troops at Sherburn Keep, a man named Banin, has stopped scouts from investigating the occurrence out of fear of losing any more people. He is preventing anyone from leaving the area instead insisting that all scouts and rangers reinforce his own men and remain in the keep. This has made information from the area of the Cornwall boarder sketchy at best.
There is major damage to the circle at Selby, but the mages guild has managed to avoid any damage to the city or the guild houses themselves. The transport circle at Marchwood Keep has kept expelling void energy that has damaged both the circle and caused considerable damage to the keep. The casualty figures are lighter than they could have been due to the Winchester battalion moving on the settlers following the Great Flood earlier in the year.
The Bloodwood by Selby has started reverting to it’s old ways – and the tree’s themselves have taken a more sinister appearance. It is rumoured that dark and evil creatures escaped from the circle reside in the woods there and local villagers have gone missing. Some of their bodies have been found, disfigured in some way, some have even been walking and trying to feed on cattle or other livestock to feed their unliving hunger.


With the death of their Duchess, York is in a state of unrest. Although more secure about their future by the coming of many nobles of Albion… there is still much conversation about who will be made the next Duke of the area.
The more pressing new is about the City of Londinium. Although badly hit by the flooding in recent months, during the Cataclysm the ritual circle exploded starting fires that destroyed a large portion of the city. It is rumoured that all the way up to Wine street is now either rubble or ash. The Albion fleets evacuated many of the population of the city by boat as they were cut off by fire. The more worrying occurrence is that the void energy has brought not only demons to the area, but caused some of those killed to rise again.
In Durham, large cracks have appeared down the Great Northern Wall. Rumours from Flodden and Uttobourne tell of Celts raiding from the north taking grain and cattle. Although these reports have not been substantiated, old animosities are rising.
The Transport circles in York and Lincoln have both exploded doing minor damage to the outskirts of their respective cities. The Wellspring itself has erupted destroying all in a three mile radius. Residue magical energy left in the area has meant travel there is both difficult and dangerous. None of the scouts that have travelled there have come back, at least not in any condition to speak.
In the city of Norhault the great library has disappeared, leaving behind an Ancient Elven Garden. This has raised the morale of the people of the area and many people have travelled across the country to see the wondrous site.
The banks of the River Ely have burst, increasing the size of the Ely Lake. This has meant that the city of Ely has been trapped on an island between the lake and the sea. Just north, the Hawk Fens are growing in size and farmland as far as Haxby is becoming water logged.