Rutterkins Forresters

rutterkinsBased: Barony of Pendrinn (in
the County of Exeter and the Duchy
of Cornwall)
Type Military Order
Heraldry: Heraldry: Gold lion couchant in a gold circle on brown edged in green
Leader: Orric Hulce

A Brief History

In 1098 the Harts went on a mission to Rutterkins Woods, whilst there they faced 5 Wraith lords who demanded the return of their focus, a golden bracelet. After much fighting and death Lord Hugo Charenten reluctantly returned the focus.

The Rutterkins Foresters were formed By Lord Hugo Charenten after this failed mission. The Foresters purpose was to patrol Rutterkins Woods and work against the Wraiths and their minions. The Foresters colours are green and brown to symbolise dedication to the woods, the golden circle is a reminder of the bracelet focus and that even the mighty can be defeated and the Lion couchant shows fealty to Lord Hugo.

The Foresters were sworn to their purpose under the gaze of the Hunter.

Now that the cataclysm is over and the Wraiths of Rutterkins have not the power they did before the Foresters have joined the Harts.

Library Archivist
Autumn 1106