The ritualists of the Harts were particularly successful in their weaving of Erdrejan power this year so far; the Summer Moot was no exception. The first ritual of the event was my own, on the Friday night, and although Erdreja was overall unstatisfied with my use of her power, she still felt it was enough to grant us with tabards of Theology. These allow the bearer the knowledge of the Ancestors and how to heal them. All contributors left the circle unharmed.
The second was completed by Artemis Nightkin, this ritual was used to create an Ancestral creature of The White Dragon aspect of the Pendragon. Erdreja however, by fault or design, had other plans for Kristos D Kolo and he is now entwined with another Ancestor. Artemis has been contacted by Lord Protector Ross Pendragon to discuss if these are her own actions or Erdreja’s.
Unfortunately we had to bring our Queen into the circle in our attempts to unweave the connected patterns from her own, leaving her pure again. The Trickster and Calagar had other plans and Her Majesty’s life on this plane had to be ended after the ritual, in preference of her hunting Caligar than hunting on his behalf. The deed was done by her husband Lazarus Hunter. She now will forever run on the Ancestral plain as ‘The Lady of the Greenwood’.
The last ritual to be led by a Hart this weekend was by Nanny Puddles. This ritual was done in honour of our Queen and what she has taught us. She tried to create a number of items that represent Her Majesty, and Erdreja has honoured her with a powerful amulet. If you annoy her enough she may show you just how well she was taught by Queen Eloise.
Icthus Rayne