Report on Lindisfarne, May 1123

Sent to Regina Bathroy

To my Mistress

The lovely Lady Bathroy

As per your request date April 1123, we departed the docks of Warwick and made best speed for the island of Linisfarne.

Upon our arrival it could be seen that the settlement had indeed been rebuilt but not in full. A shore party was set to investigate when they returned, they reported the following.

Only a small number of buildings have been rebuilt, other works have been started but not completed. The dock has been finished but is not in use, nor does it have the necessary equipment for anything bigger than a fishing boat. The main town building has been completed and with furniture but not the items you would associate with an official building. It looks like it was turned into a barracks of some description. 4 other buildings have been completed but these look to be stores and houses for a small number of people. I would have said for offices if the main building was indeed a barracks. The roads and paths between these buildings have been repaired and improved.

The shore party did chance by a local to the island, who said tha tthe people there help several of the small communities on the island with repairs and supplies, but they up and left toward the end of summer last year. A search of hte building showed us that any and all had been taken, save for a flag in the main building and this led us to leave in a hurry. A banner of the Black dragon!

Should you need more we have the pleasure to serve.

Capt Rupert Walderingfield

The Ladies Grace