Report of an incident in Gloucester

Late on the Saturday evening of the Summer Moot, a rather scared young man ran into the Courts encampment, stating wildly that “they” were after him, that he had to get away or they’d get him.
He was originally taken aside by the Foxkin, Kellunier, and an associate who started to attempt to reassure and calm the young man.  After reminding Kell that it is always good to check people for mind control effects, I joined in, chatting to the young man, Baxter.
He freely admitted planning and committing theft with some associates in Gloucester.  They removed trinkets, food (Meat, fruit and veg) from a cart which had been left outside the Three Stags tavern.
Baxter admitted that over the next day, they ate the food and began to fence the trinkets.  During the evening and the second day, he noticed that his companions were beginning to get agitated and hostile.  He left them, fearing for his life and informed us that he was being pursued by his former friends who had become rather mindless ravenous maniacs.
This information resounded with me, as I was sure that something similar had happened not so long ago.  Becoming wary that he too may have been affected, we quizzed Baxter in more detail on what may have caused this reaction.
I asked Torwell to check him for any signs of poisons or diseases and she kindly said that he was not showing any detectable signs of either and apart from appearing terrified, he was fine.
The investigation continued and it would seem that Baxters life was saved by the most unusual reason.  His companions ate all of the food.  He did not.  He did not eat any of the meat as he is a vegitarian. Informing him that this quite possibly saved his life, he seemed to relax, although showed concern that our foodstuffs may have been affected.  Kellunier assured him that the visiting Traders had a good standard of hygiene so there were no concerns.
After speaking to Brother Ross and Wyndrake, and asking Bertie to let the Duke of Gloucester know, we followed advice and transported Baxter to Selby, for observation and healing.  I have assured him, and the new Lord Protector, that I will return in due course to check on him and to ensure that he is safe and well looked after.
I would suggest that this is followed up in due course.
This concludes my report and to the best of my memory, is a fair account of what took place.
Dean Grey
The Order of the Black Hand