Report from The Choosing in the Mists – Tyto

Am sending you this as I are unable to return in person at present as am searching the area formerly known as the Vale for my kin and to map what is here now and… no…, I are getting ahead of myself. Am should start at beginning…

The Choosing of The Trinity

We am departed the circle at Alton late evening and arrived, much to my shock, at circle in the mists. (I are was not aware that this route was known so openly and from the reaction of the circle guard there, I are not entirely sure we am were expected.)

Upon stepping into the mists the entire party vanished from around me and I found myself alone. Whilst this was an unusual occurrence I are was not too worried as it am the mists after all. However, as I started to walk I notice several disturbing things.
Firstly, the willo-the-wisps and other creatures what usually inhabit The Vale am were nowhere to be seen. Instead I are became aware of strange shapes in the mists, twisted, corrupted shapes and it are made me feel uncomfortable, a feeling I are not used to travelling paths so close to home.

Secondly, I found myself being drawn towards one area in the mists itself. The call was very strong and although I are could resist it if I are tried very hard, it was difficult to walk away from it. I are wondered if it am affect me this way, then maybe the humans and those what am cannot mistwalk would also be drawn towards it and perhaps that is where I are would find rest of party. I hurried toward it and stepped from the thickest of mists into a clearing where the mists had thinned and indeed some of Harts were there.

Harts am were defending a small village hut from beings we ended up calling The Lost. (I are call them beings because all vestiges of humanity am were gone from them). It are seems that some peoples what am had not sworn to or asked protection from one of the ancestors of the Choosing, am had become so empty of belief as to be corrupted. The Lost were drawn towards those of faith and they am tried to feed on that faith to fill the void within themselves. Unfortunately this am had the nasty side effect of rending pattern of their victims. Negotiation proved fruitless with the beings as they am were beyond that and we had no choice but to slay them in defence of our own lives.

In the hut were a group of villagers what am had become trapped by the mists. There am were nine of them which we am thought was a bit of a coincidence and we are spent time chatting with them and Tyto am share her biscuits what am were very tasty biscuits especially with mead and I are will try bring some more for when am at the Gathering. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes…

Time in Mists was different and some people were missing for ages before appearing in mists where as others had got there long time before Tyto. Mistwalkers from Flight and Host led out parties into the mists to search for them and bring them back to safety and this am when we are get another shock.

Before, mistwalkers am have always been able to lead peoples along the paths. This was no more. Instead we am could choose to stay with a single person but had to go where they went and risked being split up from them. Am also discovered that whilst we am could stay quite close to each other in the thinner mists around the clearing, the thicker mists were impossible to negotiate with non-mistwalkers and even those of us with ability found the paths corrupted and difficult to follow.

All were eventually recovered bar Marseilles and Fletcher who were unaccounted for. We am were unsure as to whether this was the time effect of the mists of whether they were lost to us. The mistwalkers am continue searching for them throughout the night.

Some arbiters from the ancestors started turning up as well as followers of other ancestors not of the choosing, including some followers of Shag Roth, who am liked Tyto’s biscuits too.

A messenger from the Hunter came, there appeared to be a duel of some kind although Tyto am not sure why and then suddenly I are see Suhail Min attack messenger. This am upset House Hunter, ‘specially Straif and Deidre who am try stop Suhail Min then Suhail Min start attacking them. The messenger escaped and it am all get quite nasty and tempers flared and complaints am were raised. Hunters went after the messenger as a group and Tyto go as their mistwalker. We am all swear to Hunter (including Tyto) and we am declared Pack.

Tyto am not sleep well that night. The mists were changing and I are could feel the taint within them.

Marseilles and Fletcher were both found and bought safely into camp, unaware of the length of time they had been missing. The attacks of The Lost continued throughout the morning as the arbiters continued to visit us, each an aspect of a particular ancestor.

We are discovered some shrines in the thinner mists nearby and Lady Madelaine am led a rite to The Mother to dedicate the shrine. Tyto am swore to her also, (The Mother, not Madelaine). Half way through rite Scrat am tell us it am the wrong shrine. He am had found out earlier and am hadn’t told anyone. Tyto am was very angry owl at him. We am were attacked just after that and Lady Madelaine was injured. When she are was checked by a healer it was found that she had an ancestral disease.

Tyto tried to go into the mists after the arbiter of The Mother who am had been with us only short time before but Mists am gone nasty. They am were filled with horrible creatures and The Lost and things what made Tyto afraid even though I are very brave usually. I are was really scared and couldn’t help but run away from them out of the mists but I came out long way from where I are went in.
Then a call went up that Albertus Hroc was at the shrines and demanding we do a rite or something. Missed a lot of what he was saying but am did see he getting angry at Yollo. Then suddenly Hroc’s troops am attacking and Yollo am on the floor. We are tried to get to them but a forbidding sprang up. By the time we got to Yollo, it was too late. He was dead, and his pattern gone from his body although I do not know how or to where it had gone.

Harts am getting mad and beating on Albertus trying to kill him. Tyto am try to get between Harts and Hroc and am yelling at them to stop because he are still linked to King Edward but Harts am never listen to Tyto. Then Madelaine am yelling at them to stop but they are not listening to her either. Finally Enias am able to shout loud enough and they are stop. Albertus am trussed up and taken back to camp as a prisoner.

Lady Madelaine fall over just after that and everyone still talking about how to make her better, so Tyto am take matters into own hands. I are ask Peregrine to try dismiss illness from her but it am not work. Then I are remember how to make decay better you am need to get rid of illness from all over body in one go, so I are find six ‘cantors and together they am try dismiss illness from Madelaine. It worked -Ancestral bit gone and Cawd able to heal the rest. Then ‘bout an hour later someone come up to Tyto and say “ok, we have this idea to fix Madelaine”. Too late. Fed up with talking. Done it. Sorry if overstepped mark but Tyto am had enough of faff and not listen and everyone else doing their own thing when they are feel like it, so Tyto did too.

Shortly thereafter a messenger from Mananan arrived and Corvus bade us keep Albertus out of sight so she would not kill him and endanger the King. I are was one of those who stood guard over him. Sometime later Thenni wanders over and says that the messenger am has been beguiling people. Tyto ask where messenger am now and Thenni all blasé say she am with Royal council. Tyto am get quite angry and tell her go interrupt meeting now and sends people to try and help council but by then it too late. Lots of Harts (Tyto thinks almost a third of the party) am under her spell by then and they all have to be subdued to stop them running into mists. Lavernius am get very worn out breaking the beguiles on people and it am long time before everyone am up and themselves again.

In meantime a group of elemental sprites am turned up and asked for help from Host. They are talked of the grey man who brought the lightning which twisted the mists and was killing their people. We am took this to be them talking of Taranis. They asked us to go with them so they could show us what was happening but when the Host and their party am try to enter everyone get bounced back… except for Tyto.

I are stepped into mists only to be surrounded and pursued by the Lost and the other mist creatures and I are have to run very fast because they am was too many of them and my legs am only little and it are was the second time in one day and it are was not fair… and I are said so, but the creatures am not care and they are chase me anyway.

I are able to circle round and then could see a thinning in the mists. I are ran towards it and was able to get back out of mists almost in same place that I are had walked in through. Imps am get mad and say we won’t help them and they attack us. Tyto was tired from all the running which am only reason pathetic imp am able to get a sneaky blow in and I are not remember anything after that.

When Tyto are come round it am quite a bit later. Imps had been dispatched and Lost were attacking again. Thenni am was upset about something to do with Eclipse and her pattern being in a shrine but Eclipse am was walking around so not sure what that am was about.

Harts needed to get somewhere and do something ‘portant so called council but Tyto was outside fighting so missed reasons why. Whole party moved off on the mission except Tyto who am stay behind to guard Alberus, for sake of King. It am dark before Scrat return with few others and they take Albertus to where Harts are. By now villagers am have returned to hall and Tyto stayed so they am were not unprotected.

Harts returned shortly thereafter, and the Lost began attacking again. We were able to defeat them and then the Ancestors came before us to tell us of the choosing. They am all reveal themselves and villagers am actually the ancestors in disguise. They are all make pretty speeches about what they am stand for and then the arbiter announced the Trinity – Nethras, Pendragon, Hunter.

Tyto am get a bit nervous then ‘cause Mananan am get round behind Trinity and look very unhappy. Tyto are start moving round to be closer and miss some of what happen next but can tell you that Green Man have big tantrum and storm off. Mother swore to Nethras and they became one apparently with Igraine too but Tyto am not really sure how that work. Think Architect swore to Pendragon but not sure. Hunter took back Puck into the fold and arbiter declared the Trinity chosen.

Then Mananan get angry. He am start yelling and throwing hands in air. Tyto get between him and Trinity just in case (not that I are sure am could have done anything if he are had gone for them) and then suddenly everyone fighting and Mananan shouts that his will take the mists and everything went black for a second. Then there am no mists. None. All gone.

Tyto am fall to floor. Am not hit by anyone but when mists went it like part of Tyto am go too. Mists am made Flight. Peregrine and Mistletoe all upset and shaking too. Didn’t see what happen to Mananan or arbiter. Flight am really upset and so am Host. Mists am our home and they gone. Am have never gone to and fro island without mist paths. Was island still there? Was it safe? What of Flock? The not knowing am terrible.

At this point Aisla am make fun of Tyto’s upset and it am good job I are was unarmed. I are yell at her and others am have to hold Tyto back. They am berated her for callousness and finally Fletcher and some of Hunters pull me away and calm me down.

Flight and Host left the party to travel to Alton. We walked through the night and tried to transport to the Mists circle but to know avail. Either the circle no longer exists or it am no longer linked to Edreja. We marched back arriving at first light and reported our findings.

Tyto not remember much of Sunday. Was distraught owl so not good at reporting that day. I are neglected my duty. Am sorry.

Can tell you that we went to the shrines which were active and ritual power am was building in the triangle. Tyto swore to Nethras as Mother had done night before.

Madelaine began a ritual to link the Trinity to the land at which point creatures of Mananan turned up and attacked. There was a strange creature with long green tentacles and it hurt Tyto a lot when I are try stop it getting to ritual circle. We am came close to losing people but through the blessings of the Trinity who imbued us with a surge of energy as the battle reached its height, we were victorious and indeed, lost no more comrades.

Cal Poll thanked us all for a successful campaign. As we had been told by the Trinity that unity must be a goal he declared an amnesty for all involved in petty squabbling, striking at each other as passions had been raised and we had fought for our faiths. He stated that all charges and complaints bought over the weekend were dismissed. Madelaine said a few words in honour of Yollo.

Tyto am find timings quite confusing with the changes in the mists and think I are probably have big gaps which others can fill in. Also am could only be in one place at a time so missed other stuff what went on. Hopefully others will submit reports too and we am can fill in the pieces.

You am may have noticed that Tyto spent much of weekend as angry owl. Angry at not be listened too, angry at lack of co-operation between each other, angry at lack of respect for each other. What we am need learn from mission is to work as team. There was too much of getting information and not telling anyone. No one am following orders or taking the advice of those what am had the knowledge. There am was no clear chain of command and our section leaders went off and did own thing. There was bickering and too much politics for Tyto’s liking.

I are would like to say that much of defence during the planning meetings was done by the Storm Ravens, quite new to our shores. They acquitted themselves admirably and I think we am should remember that they am not guests in our land any more but stand with us as fellow Harts. Also wish to say that the archers of the faction stood firm and were very ‘portant part of defences, especially in keeping creatures at bay when our healing was low.

So, mists am have gone. I are travelling the area it used to cover, searching for Island of the Birds and mapping as I are go. I will share my findings. Am still very angry owl.

Fly free

SM Tyto
Ranger of Cornwall
Formerly High Mistwalker