Public Service – Cheese Etiquette

Always use the cheese knife provided to cut cheese from a communal board, not your own butter knife.
Round cheese must be treated like a cake: cut triangular portions.
With a wedge such as Brie, cut slivers lengthways.
Never, ever cut the nose off a triangular wedge.
Stilton is usually sliced, but if a spoon is provided, scoop a portion of cheese from the middle.
Rind may be eaten or left, as you wish.
Bite-sized morsels of cheese and biscuit should be brought to the mouth, rather than biting off mouthfuls from a great hunk of cheese on an entire cracker.
It is fine to use fingers to eat hard non-messy cheese with no biscuits or bread, perhaps with celery or grapes. Cut it into small pieces first.