Public Relations At The Harts Council of 1097 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
The Beastmen and a few other elite tunnel fighters including Darak of the Rangers of Greenwood were asked to assemble a team for a punitive raid on the Drow renegades who had attacked the Council earlier by Hawkeye. s’Pika teleported them into the Underdark. However, they found the caverns and tunnels deserted. They came across a portal that they could not get past so it was decided to return later. s’Pika looked through his book to see if he had made any notes about this particular kind of portal. As they returned, Lord General Calin with his Hunters turned up and according to the Beastmen making a great deal of noise.
Later that evening, the original group reconvened and, after some research by s’Pika, the portal was bypassed whereupon we were beset by a great force of Drow. The revenge for the assault earlier was absolute and they returned without loss to the surface. Some eighteen Drow were left for dead.
It was fine to meet such as Silkin ap Palarran who had accompanied Lady Ailish to Winchester. He was in good health. We talked or more exactly fenced over the matter of me being outlawed. He clarified that this meant that if I was upon Dragon Lands that I would be outside the law but any of my companions would be covered by the law. So any attack upon me that caused injury to another would be punishable. He could not see what had so incensed Lord Arcane about the narrative of the Dragon’s Council last year. It was a true account and he said that was probably the problem. It was good that someone of his stature would come and convey this otherwise there may have been angry words that may have caused a serious International Incident.
As has been a tradition for many years, I organised the swift serving to first the Ladies and then the eminent Guest present. Alas a complaint was reported to me by the High Sheriff that someone was missed. This was Connall who grumbled that he was in fact refused pudding by me. This was one of those oversights and I cannot remember this as I was so busy. He is barely a third of my age so youth should be on his side to fend for himself. After all I am both senior to him in many ways and was a guest of the Karlennon Household. Connall being only recently admitted.
Lady Kathen Fairchild and her ritual group, including Lady Elspeth Tarragon and Lord Hugo Charenten, and aided by Lady Lysandra Charenten, undertook a ritual combining the power of the Earth Mother and the Elements of Albion to create the seeds of a Sacred Grove to be grown at Winchester. Mordred appeared in the midst of the Ritual Circle and walked off into the Council Chambers. Words were exchanged between Lady Tarragon and Mordred,
Grand Master Floris-Brand arrived with Violet and as they were having deep discussions with Lady Tarragon. Mordred arrived in the midst of a throng. The words exchanged between Lady Tarragon and Mordred was very heated. In way of defence of his mother Elias was drawn into the discussion. Mordred said in an insulting terms about his dead father. Elias grabbed the nearest weapon to hand. This was the Sword Excalibur. This surprised and pleased those around as this announced that a leader that is worthy of Albion may be among us. Mordred stormed out of the Great Hall. Elias then talked to Floris-Brand and Violet. He was disturbed by this and retired to have some rest.
Later that night, Sir Wilfrid asked Lady Kathen Fairchild to undertake a ritual to find out more about the sword blade that he carries. the triple aspected spirit of the Earth Mother was embodied into Lady Kathen, Lady Elspeth, and Lady Lysandra and She gave Sir Wilfrid the information that the Sword was forged by the High King and represented a covenant with the Earth Mother, and that Sir Wilfrid is the ‘first of the Grey Knights’.
On Sunday, despite being in a rather bad way, I watched one of the most entertaining bit of storytelling during a Ritual that was performed by the Beastmen and Morgannia who had paid for the privilege it seems.
Lady Corina the Green informed me that she will take up the gracious offer of Lord General Calin to take up the State Rooms in the West Wing of Huntingdon Castle. Lady Rowena was to travel back with me to sort out preparations for the Green Mages Birthday Party. [This alas will not take place until the Gathering.]
Within a month Elias Karlennon will take residence in Lord Hunters private apartments where he is to undergo tutelage in the arts of Cartography, History, and Military Logistics. In the meantime he travels to the assistance of the Lions in Avalon.
I discovered at about two in the morning that my bound books of the Histories of Albion had disappeared from the table where Corina the Green Mage and Lady Rowena were sitting. I searched the Great Hall and most of the Castle for these. I found no sign. Early in the morning I asked the members of the Karlennon Retinue and other Harts whether they had seen them. When this came back negative, I approached the High Sheriff of Albion, Earl Hawkeye about this and with his assistance a more thorough search was undertaken.
Suspicion fell upon a Lady Civette who was present at the Parliament. Lady Camille and Utha interviewed her. They concluded that she was being extremely economical with the truth. This evidence was laid before Lady Tarragon who entered negotiations with the lady’s liege lord, Rhino. The Books were placed in my hand by Duke Tarragon.
Justiciar Justinian asked me whether I wished to take her to court but I declined as the relations between the Harts and the Lions were precarious as it is. It was agreed by the High Sheriff and Lord General Calin that she was not welcome upon Albion Soil.
This year we were not plagued with demons. The Hunt was very successful and most had fun.
A Drow was soon cut down when he teleported into the hall to kill Lord Calin. This is thought to be at the behest of Lord Canaris in furtherance of his personal feud. Baron Tiamat with Ovak of the Wolverines almost immediately arrived with a coffin to efficiently remove the carcass.
“I still feel that I am not ready for what seems to be my destiny. I need to know more of my subjects. I have been under the tutelage of Floris Brand, Violet and the Hunter. I know how to fight but not yet how to rule. In the coming months I will move among you and I hope to win your confidence if not your love.”