Proprietor ennobled!

There were shocking scenes at the first Moot of the year, when Karl Morgan, master of the house at the Cream Tease and general all-round entrepreneurial adventurer, was dubbed Baron of Warwick.


This newest member of the nobility has had a perhaps chequered career, and his trajectory from ‘Queen’s personal bitch’ to titled noble in merely two years speaks volumes of the capacity for advancement attainable in fair Albion.

Leather trousers

Karl Morgan first became known to the court after returning from the ‘Grand Sneer’ to the Gathering Of Nations 1112. Infamous for his rapier wit, his skill with a sword and his unfeasibly sexy leather trousers, he gained fame first at the GEF 1113 through winning several of the combat competitions. After the inundation of Albion, this charitably minded citizen created employment and blessed relief amongst the evacuated masses through the opening of his first brothel in Caerdydd.

Initially a temporary structure, the Cream Tease made its first appearance at Court in 1114 after being adapted into a portable ship-mounted house of pleasure, carried when not in the field by the good ship ‘The Pearl Necklace’ as part of the Mackintash trading fleet. It rapidly became an Albione institution and has catered to everyone walking through its doors ever since, from the smelliest peasant to royalty of at least three different nations!

In his personal life, Karl Morgan sired many, many, many children with the skathen Thirty, and after her death at the hand of the Warwick imposter’s Nightmares became very active in the operations to oust her from Albion’s fair lands. At the battlefield outside Ditchit in October 1116 he engaged her personally and at great risk, finally managing to slay her with his own weapon in the midst of the battle.


So what does the future hold for Warwick under the protection of its new Baron? His Lordship has made relatively few public statements, but sources close to him suggest a massive investment in construction and trade will be on the cards, to turn the city into a mercantile hub (with significant opportunities for pleasure seekers to distract themselves — he was and remains after all the proprietor of the Cream Tease!), and to give its liberated inhabitants coin in their purses and pride in their hearts.