Poynton Keep

On Friday’s eve, in the Albione camp, several of the Harts own Heroes head in their minds the Call of the Pendragon.
“The time draws near, the Mists shall recede. Two days hence, five hours past midday, a small force shall travel to Poynton Keep, and the site of Arthur’s Fall shall be revealed.”
On confirming with the learned folk of Albion that, yes, the transport circle at Poynton Keep was active, the party set forth.
On the Sunday, a force did set forth, to Poynton Keep, at the North-East end of the Vale of Avalon.
The party arrived to find the circle surrounded by the Mists of Avalon. On the advice of one among them who had walked the Mists, none stepped forth.
The mists receded and uncovered a path leading away from the circle, upon which stood a figure. Tall, armoured, and stoic, his name was asked, and he answered “I am the Once and Future King.”
The party knelt, as is proper, as the King revealed to them that he would guide them through the Mists, but cautioned them to keep their weapons ready, for he could not protect them from what else they might find within.
The party walked the path of the Once and Future King, through the Mists from Poynton to Camlann, and in doing so came across part of a battle.
Were the soldiers lost in the Mists, or had the Mists warped the passage of time, we know not.
The party saw off the agressors, and asked the remaining who they were. They answered they were soldiers of Arthur’s Army, and asked who had aided them.
One of the party attempted to say the Factions name, but was drowned out by the more wise reply that the party were servants of Arthur Pendragon.
The Once and Future King had left the party, but the path lay before them. On following it, and fighting, the party missed the treasure which they had come seeking for, but for the sharp eyes of one who had walked the Mists.
In defending those examining the treasure, the party stood firm as the servants of Mordred came forth in waves to claim the prize as their own.
Gaining the treasure, the party beat the retreat, to return to the circle. Mordred’s liuetenant stood forth, and challenged the party’s leader.
The party in one voice shouted Arthur’s own words, “Strength Through Unity,” and beat down the vile servant of chaos.
At the Circle the Once and Future King confirmed the prize was true, and the party returned victorious to present Queen Eloise with the scabbard of Arthur Pendragon.
The Heroes of Poynton Keep:
Sir Cephlam Marwick, the Queen’s Champion, led the host.
Wyndrake Winterheart, Duke of Keswick.
Theo D’Arby, the Royal Huntsman.
Mandrake Briarwood, whose research uncovered the path.
Icthus Rayne, Oak King, and Mistwalker.
Iskaria Cross, Master Mage.
Victor Braddock, Lord Justice.
Duncan Corvinae, Earl of Exeter.
Captain Reynolds, a powerful mage.
Lucan Bathroy, the Lord Ambassador.
William DuLac, Queensguard.
Joseph Stone, a Sheriff of Albion.
Dagos Thorne, of the Knights of Erdreja.
Hobo, a talented healer.
Felanthir, of the Caravan.
Bartleby Woodward, of the Caravan.