Peace Terms With The Empire

With the surrender of the Dragons faction to
the Empire at the Heartland Games of 1105, imperial
troops began to withdraw from Cymrija. This action,
although not the Emperor’s intention, served to
all-but fulfil the terms of Lord Chancellor Tristain
Hroc’s original declaration of war (that all Imperial
troops should leave Britannia). Although many
Harts still harboured a great hatred of the Empire,
to continue the fight would have brought untold
misery and suffering to the common people of Albion
and so terms for peace were discussed. Although
strict the Empire’s terms were reluctantly accepted,
however the final draft signed by Emperor Josharim
II was a testament to the skill and guile of Albion’s
ambassadors … and the most contentious clause
of the terms was completely omitted from the draft.

Library Archivist
Summer 1105