Peace TalKs Fail – Swords are Swung

Blades were drawn at a diplomatic meeting to discuss the “invasion” of Caer Dannon

Our brave allies, the Dragons, work tirelessly to fortify and supply the holy isle of Caer Dannon, in the face of open aggression from factions they once thought friends.

Disdaining the odds which stack against them, the Dragons ready themseves for an attack which could come at any moment. Though they are far outnumbered and outclassed, with a large portion of their forces comprised of the refugees who had taken shelter on Caer Dannon, the Dragons stand firm.

With the navies and forces of aggressive nations entrenched on the southern part of the isle, it may only be a matter of time before the horn is blown, and battle is called.

Caer Dannon is very much a holy place for the Dragons, but so too for the other nations of Erdreja. Being the home of the Tree of Life, it holds a special significance to all nations. It is claimed that this is the main reason for the current military aggression. With the Dragons as a nation who abhor the Unliving, it is not possible for Unliving to visit Caer Dannon.

Describing themselves as an “alliance of faith”, aggressors from the Wolves, Bears, and Tarantulas claim to have taken up arms to liberate Caer Dannon for the free access and egress of all.

More cynical observers, however, have claimed this is merely a cover for the real purpose; gaining a foothold in between Cymrija and Erin. It is believed by some that the Bears and Wolves are seeking military gains, not freedom of faith. Cael, High King of Erin, described the Tarantula faction as “the only honest aggressors.”

Hopeful to avoid a clash of arms on the situation, representatives from both sides of the impasse met in the marketplace at the Fayre, and proceeded to discuss the issue. The Wolves faction, however, arrived at the meeting in full martial procession, armed to the teeth, and formed a shield wall. The Herald witnessed a briefing from the imposing Captain Darwin, of the Militia Guild. Due to the insistence that this was not an act of war, undertaken by the factions, but an “alliance of faith”, undertaken by individuals, any attack on a member of a faction or guild would countermand the Gathering Charter, and be classed as an assault, which may result in arrest. At this time, it is unclear who struck the first blow, with both sides accusing the other foul-play. However, given the battle formations adopted by the aggressors, as opposed to the lack thereof adopted by the defenders, a reasonable assumption can be made.

We do know that the first group to advance were the Order of Fenris. Their martial prowess is renowned across the Egg. Unfortunately for them, their path to the Dragons and their Allies was blocked by a contingent of observers from the Militia, the Bards, the Healers, and the Armourers. The Order of Fenris attempted to beat their way through said observers.

Warned in no uncertain terms that they were performing an illegal assault on representatives of the Guilds, the Order did not relent.
Speaking after the event, Captain Darwin said, “The guilds informed nearby factions that ‘individuals’ from assorted factions were attacking the Guilds and the Dragons faction. We all pitched in to help and the combined Dragons, Allies and Guilds then beat the aggressors into the floor.”

The Herald witnessed Captain Darwin step forth in the face of the oncoming horde of Wolves. Spear raised aloft, wind flowing through the crest of his helm, his voice boomed across the field. Without fear in the face of an advancing force, Captain Darwin proclaimed that the entire Order of Fenris was under arrest.

The outcome of the battle is clear, with the Wolves faction acknowledging the illegality of the actions, and offering up the Order of Fenris to perform Militia duty at the Summer Moot and the Gathering. The outcome of original intent of the peace talks, however, is very much unclear.

With the situation on Caer Dannon unlikely to improve in a swift manner, the Dragons may be facing difficult times ahead. Sources in Forest Glenn claim that Queen Eloise is committed to providing to the Dragons whatever aid that Albion can spare. With the relationship between the Harts and the Dragons at an all-time high, the Herald is certain that all Albiones will do what they can to assist our allies in the coming times.