Our Security is to be tested – Keep watch for eggs!

The Eggs are an ancient Norsca training device used by my pack to train cubs to look for small things hidden in places where they shouldn’t be. So I felt it would be great to train the Harts considering what happened at the GEF with vapor poisons.

So I hid them around the camp, they where meant to represent vapor poisons to get people to remember they can be hidden anywhere.

Two were hidden in the command tent, one was found under the queens throne only after they took the throne down to pack it away, the other was found by Luna a ten-year-old elf child just because she happened to be lying down in the corner where it was hidden, one was in the hunter tent and was not found till camp was broken on the final day. One was by the gate sitting out in the open and was only found when someone stepped on it, two where in the Crowa tent, which I ended up having to point out because Crows where stepping over them.

In all I think it made a few people a little scared because had they been real poisons I think some folk may have been hurt. From it Phobos thought it was such a good idea that I’ve now been made sheriff and plan to do more “tests” to examine camp security I plan to hide more at the Gathering. Osuna, Sheriff