Our Agony Aunt (for real this time!)

Dear Aunty Tease
I need your advice about a troubled
relationship. When I first met N I knew she was
the only one for me. She was everything I
needed and I dedicated my life to pleasing her.
We were happy for a while, but she changed.
She became a different person, the opposite of
everything she previously stood for. She even
changed her name. She is cruel and hurtful to
me now. My friends tell me that I should leave
her. But I know her old self still exists deep
down inside. What can I do to bring back the N
I used to know?
Yours sorrowfully
Mr I.N. Cantor (militia guild)
Dear Mr Cantor, have you tried acts of
devotion? Chocolates? Poetry? Copious
amounts of alcohol? Or maybe you just have
to accept that some things she not meant to

Dear Aunty Tease.
I was a simple entertainer living a happy life
until late recently when great responsibility
was thrust upon me. Now I spend most of my
time around very serious people who don’t
even share my love of puns and limericks. I
need cheering up.
Mr T
Dear Mr T. Perhaps you should devise a
limerick or pun competition and encourage
everyone to join in.
Dear readers, if you spot Mr T out and about
please brighten up his day with a punch or a