Ordo Hwyt Draga

Based: Barony of Castleford
(in the County of Ellenbrooke and the Duchy
of Gloucester)
Heraldry: The white dragon on
a black (sable) field
Leader: Rowena Of Hereford (Preceptor)

For the last few years several individuals across
Albion have been dreaming of Dragons. Then in
1103 one of these individuals felt a calling,
he wanted to find if pic_hwytdraga1any others shared his dreams.
William Dimens started searching, he sent messages
throughout the Land, showing the symbol of the
White Dragon, the symbol of his dreams; and those
messages bought people to him.

Slowly others found him. One of those had visions
of the past, it became clear that in times long
past the Ordo Hwyt Draga had exisited. Another
had visions of the future and could see the faces
of those who were called. All of the rest saw
the Dragon Symbol and the face of William Dimens.

At the Heartland Games, 1104 the Ordo Hwyt Draga
was fomed anew. Its tenets based on what was known
of the Ordo of Old but fitted now to serve the
People, Land and Crown of Albion. William Dimens
became the first Preceptor of the new Ordo.

Having been the instrument the White Dragon used
to re-form the Ordo; William Dimens was lost during
the summer of 1104. Rowena of Hereford was selected
as the new Preceptor.

The Ordo Hwyt Draga consists of a wide range
of skills. All the members have felt the Breath
of the White Dragon but not all are incantors.
Several are from the Noble Families of Albion,
but not all are nobly nor gently born. Some are
not even from Albion shores: any and all who have
felt the true call of the Dragon are welcome.

Rowena of Hereford,
Preceptor of the Ordo Hwyt Draga

Spring 1105

The White Dragon

Seemingly a fairly new ancestor to Albion, the White Dragon has called several nobles to himself. The White Dragon is worshipped by a small minority in Gloucester and Keswick – but it has become increasingly obvious that he has had links with other ancestors in Albion in the past. The details of such ties are not widely known and It may be that there are things about the White Dragon that his followers do not know, or will not admit.

Reann ap Nimh, High Incantor of Albion
Summer 1105