One hell of a rite, one hell of a night! – by Gregsy

It’s not every day you getta write things in a fancy paper, so I gotta thank the esteemed and learned editioner person for askin’ me to write words for you all. But I aint’nt just writing for the joy of being a published author I got a rite to tell you about! At the Summer Moot a rite happened, it was big, it was bold, probably wasn’t clever.
Some lot in the ritual circle was trying to empower an Archon of Spirit, and I’m not talking about the sort of spirits ya find in the Cream Tease Proprietor’s stock, I mean spirit in its purest sense; the spirit what binds us and all that.  Their goal was to empower him enough so he could duff up Satuun and Dracos proper good like. Because none of us want undead nibbling on our nadgers, all nations present put on a rite at the exact same time to add our own power to this Archon, a certain gentleman/ fine sounding perfume called “Cersum Perficio”.
Joining me in the Hunters tent to enact such a rite were Saylen, Graf, Heinbig the Paladin and last but by no means least (‘coz she’d have me head if I said that), the impeccable, glorious, omniscient, Her Maj, Queen Eloise. After a couple of false starts where the rite didn’t seem to be connecting proper, couldn’t get it going (I never normally ‘ave that problem but I hear all guys ritualists get it at some point). We got it going on the third try like an old geezer wiv a dirty mag.
We heard beautiful words from the Queen who told us how she embodied the Spirit of Albion and how she understood most of anyone. Heinbig the Paladin spoke big words, telling us how we fight with spirit, how warriors use it in battle and all that, Saylen spoke about how spirit unites nations at times like this – that was relevant too, what a lass! Graf stepped up to say a few words but sadly I didn’t get to hear them as I was too busy being told by things in my head that we were all going to die and our patterns scattered. Standard stuff really. As the knobber in my ‘ead kept telling me I was dooming us all, and I could see the ritual circle THROUGH THE BLOODY WALLS from all the power, I decided to wrap it up sharpish. How does that phrase go? Make like a tree and f**k off.
{{Editor’s note… I think the expression is ‘Make like a tree and leaf’?}}
We got stuck in it for a bit though, I couldn’t break the power links, we were still tied despite my trying so I implored that all my contributors would be left unharmed and directed the power from them all and the rite through myself as the conduit. Got a curse. That was fun. I even got knocked out by the Queen for trying to leave camp for a party whilst cursed. Good times.
OH AND DRACOS BUGGERED OFF! I spose I should have mentioned that…