On the Tarot Cards

Librarian’s note: This missive was sent to the King in early 1119 and regards the tarot deck wielded by assassins. Before the Moot at Lancaster (formerly Kithlannen) enemies of the Harts saw fit to decorate the docks with the images, telling a tale unwound by Sinfay.

To His Majesty King Wyndrake Pendragon

I have completed my transcription and interpretation of the tarot cards found at the docks; it would seem that they can be read like a story with a series of dire warnings.

The story begins by speaking about a change or transition that has sparked jealousy, this then leads on to talking about a need for a defensive action that is thus far at an impasse or unresolved, it speaks of a need for greater knowledge and clarity on how to move past this stalemate, but there will be a delay in its acquisition.

The story then moves on to look at home, hearth and the contentment found there, but warn that all is not as it seems, something is amiss and it will require strong leadership to turn this to their advantage, it very clearly speaks of the need to “beware the knives in the dark”.

The cards then speak of something long imprisoned arising to cause conflict, which will pull in many different directions and only someone of great skill will be able to handle this, as being caught off guard and lacking focus will precipitate the need for a rapid action or decision to be made.

They then advise that generosity may be called for but warn that you ensure both the debts you owe and those owed to you are repaid, this will bring about the opportunity for re-growth and regeneration, it may also avert betrayal, some will however be unhappy with where that generosity is directed.

The cards  warn of the need to be wary when dealing with those obsessed with wealth, use intuition and compassion and question peoples motivations as well as their actions, old animosities need to be laid to rest but this can only be done through communication and collaboration.

They go on to advise that unjust punishment may lead to isolation and a loss of trust, but easy forgiveness may well cause people to become resentful, take responsibility for the choice made. Explore nightmares. The bravery and compassion of the father is needed during times of great sadness and change, this must be coupled with intuition and tradition to find a middle path so as to bring about a time of prosperity. The desire to create new beginnings requires direction, control and contemplation. A lack of awareness may risk unity and harmony; this may lead to the need for a great loss or sacrifice in order to avert disaster.

Do not put your faith in the illusions of wealth. A new opportunity may come from a new relationship with other lands. Try not to be cold, but be wary of manipulation, hard work will ensure that a mutual and nurturing partnership will be created. A lack of progress will occur, but weather the storm, do not withdraw aid and security for that will ultimately lead to a failure.

A choice that is made will lead to abandonment and a need to revisit the past.

As I said your Majesty a series of dire warnings, but they are not without hope. I apologise that it has taken so long to compile this interpretation but I wanted to ensure that it was as accurate as possible.

Your Humble Servant

Sinfay Vrinn