Notice to the Court

Her Majesty Queen Eloise the First, by the Grace of The Pendragon, Sovereign of Albion, Cornwall and The Territories, Monarch of the Sundered Isles, Lady of Lundy, Guardian of the Wild Places, Chosen of The Trinity, Defender of the Faithful and Freeman of The Isles does hereby grant notice and proclamation that, on the night of the twenty-third day of the first month of 1116, at the Great Hall on Sarnia, The Pendragon Throne shall convene a Counsel, of Her Duchesses and Dukes and The Lords General of the Great Houses of Albion.
The purpose of this counsel shall be to adjudicate on matters pertaining to the Noble status of House Pendragon, its stewardship and future.

Her Majesty will also at this time hear petitions for the ennoblement of new Houses or alterations to the Letters Patent held by Her Majesty’s subjects and their Houses.
Her Majesty commands the attendance at Court, of the incumbent, or their official representative, for each of Her Duchies, and formally requests the attendance at counsel of The Lords General or their nominated Steward.

Any and all subjects of The Pendragon Throne or Albions’ allies and friends are invited to gather near and attend on the matters this counsel shall discuss.
Issac Hulce
Archduke of Naseby