Notice from the Sheriffs of Albion

Last year, a number of seditious and inflammatory letters found their way to the Herald. They denounced the Pendragon Throne, the Queen’s Counsellors, and the Officers of the Realm.

The content of these letters borders on treason, and thus investigations are underway to locate the source of these letters, and bring the perpetrator under the due process of the law.

If you have received one of these letters, of have been approached by a lady calling herself Katherine Castles, notify a Sheriff immediately.

Current Sheriffs are:

Lord Wyndrake, Earl of Carlisle

Alyssa Tregoran, Captain, of the Cornwall Guard

Dagos Thorne, Lieutenant, of the Crows of Albion

Joseph Stone, of the Order of the Pendragon

Mandrake Briarwood, of the Company of the Blackened Staff