Notes from the Messenger of the Pendragon 1106

Scribed by Edward James

Importance of the Trinity

Do not preach negatively about ancestors other than your own.
More should be sworn to the ancestors at the end of this not less you must bring people to the faith not drive them away.


Preach the virtues of your ancestors do not belittle others.

If you do not represent them they will fall from the Trinity
Do not be complacent other Ancestors will work for their own benefit do not assume that what you see in the Harts is all there is that is done.
Igraien has definitely stood aside from the contest but by doing so has assured herself a place beyond it.

Trinity will represent the Three Aspect of Albion and will be shaped by them as well as shape them in turn they will also shape each other.

There are alliances amongst those who war to be chosen that we are unaware of.

The choosing will not be a simple vote or a fight it is a matter of faith and belief by your actions you will be judged.

Actions not belief or desire will make the choice.

If you do not know your Ancestors tennets learn them for if you act in a way that is of an Ancestor you will aide it not your own.

The Ancestors are sending us dreams and visions their agents should understand them and should preach to those they wish to convert.

Conversion and Action are what will make the choice.

Learn what the other Ancestors stand for the fine distinctions between them are important. Each choice you make is important and will empower or belittle oen of them.

Wathc those often overlooked because their followers will know what they are seeking and will be both dedicated and willing to sacrifice to win.


Those who do not succeed may remain (note it was may not will) they may still speak and act but take a step back they are agreed and have a covenant that those who lose will step back and not take an active part.

Other results are possible such as what Igraine did where by stepping back she assured that in some way and part she will remain.

Ancestors can shift outside of the rules by their actions.

Ancestors can cut deals with others to maintain their influence.

Some of the Ancestors will fight back both if they lose or think they are going to. These will definitely include all of the three primal ones. (Hunter Greenman Mananan)

The four Bringers of Change will each have some plan.

Important information

The Trinity should be bound to the line of the Pendragon through blood and the treasures of Arthurs table (These are not the Treasures of the Old Ones, the Treasures of Albion, or the Hallows)

This must now be doen again if not then King Edward will die. This is because he is not connected to the Trinity so they cannot aid and heal him

With the blood and the treasures they can rebuild the link between the Land the Pendragon and the Ancestors

The Trinty is supposed to guard the blood line of the Pendragon.

Albertuys will attempt to interfere with this.

The treasures of Arthurs table are :

The Throne : – We have
The Crown :- We have
The Sword :- We have currently
The Scabbard :- Its location is known but will require excessive work to find
The Sceptre :- location unknown
The Banner :- We have

The List of those competing

The Pendragon Messenger stated there were 9 ancestors still competing

The Caring Ancestors


The Primal


The Bringers of Change

Hwyt Draga
The Architect

Notes from this

Above is all I heard and recorded as faithfully as speed and hearing allowed. Below are my thoughts and pieces I remember but did not have time to record.

There is some question here what I heard and recorded was five bringers of change and that from what I perceived it was possible that Hwyt Draga and the Pendragon might well be the same or aspects of the same ancestor. Georgiana, Charles and Sophia were going to ask the Pendragon’s messenger regarding this.

The messenger said that many of our Ancestors may not be what they seemed or that we might not truly understand them.

The messenger said that even if you did not follow one of the trinity you could support one part of it by your actions or affect the others similarly.