Nix letter (translated by Vern)

lord Fawn,

For your aid in our dark plight,
we give a way to our sight.
The flame of five with one that leads,
hand, soul, pure strength and heart that bleeds.
The two are hands they perform the show,
their puppets and toys by thier will, will go.
The one heart holds his family as one,
ties family to land by arcane is done.
They summond thier strength he protects the soul,
for it is she who dreams thier eternal goal.
In darkness and depth she dreams up her plan,
innocense she steals for control of man.
For from beneath they all shall rise,
to hold the high above the skies.
The land and people will be forced to see,
her way is the only and how it will be.
The five do plan but there is another,
it is he we need to discover.
His name is a link to noble birth,
he’ll free his queen from beneath the earth.
Though alive his shell is dead,
through wound he entered the young mans head.
he found the flame and gave them will,
to satisfy thier thirst to kill.
locked in silver he now has been,
no way to find his long lost queen.
The key he has to free the Nix,
hides hidden deep in noble tricks.
Once free his queen shall rule them all,
the crown and lands shall break and fall.
For your aid they will not forgive,
hide wife and girl child so they may live.
Your son in safety we shall always hold,
for his time will come and his tale be told.
With Silver lady he will reside,
for profecy of him we can not hide.
Look within the silver tree,
in her roots the story be.

Keep safe my friend protect your heart,
till next we meet I now will part.

Prince Shar of the Nix.