News from the Duchies

With Carlisle recovering from the night raid by Lady Nazeel and her nightmares, the people of Keswick are understandably shaken. The Carlisle Militia redouble their efforts to train a standing guard for the refugee camps. The Ironfist Dwarf clan relocate to the Duchy, so too do the members of the Adventurer’s Charter. Day by day, the Duchy grows in might and strength, to defend the poor refugees of Albion that encircle Carlisle’s walls.

York continues to spew forth its hordes of Unliving upon the assembled armies of the Harts and their allies. Every day we move forward, every day we gain ground. It will not be long before the assembled forces will be able to march into the city of York and reclaim it in the name of the Pendragon Throne. Through the leadership of the Duke, the assembled armies stand fast against the flood of enemies, knowing victory comes.

The Lord Provost has reported bands of Calligar supporters at large throughtout Gloucester. Allied to our enemies are the Picea Clan of Fae from the Greenwood. The Duke and his forces remain vigilant in the face of an enemy which feels at home in the darker reaches of the wild and feral Greenwood. Forest Glen remains strong, a shining bastion for the Restoration of Albion.

The Story Fae bring word that the Nethras pillar, which guards Selby against the encroaching Bloodwood, is losing power. The False King Dolorous still holds sway over the city of Winchester, but not for long. Soon the Harts shall take the fight to him, and reclaim Albion’s great capital for the realm. The Duchess has not forgotten the people and will free Winchester from his hold.

With Pendrin the bastion of civilisation in Cornwall all residents are banding together to ensure their continued survival. All eyes are on the Duchess and her household to foresee threats and maintain the peace. But wait… looming on the horizon a fleet of sinister ships blocking the port and cutting the people off from the sea, how will the people of Cornwall and their duchess meet this new threat? Well according to Cara Corvidae with Cornish pluck, grit and ingenuity but more than that she’s not saying. Remember careless talk costs lives.