News from Hereford

3rd day of December 1098
People of Albion
Upon leaving the Open Grand Council and seeing the Queen safely returned to Albion, I travelled to Gloucester to setup a rescue centre and manage the aid to the people of Hereford.
I can now report that the town was complete sacked and all who attempted to take arms to defend were slain. The militia put up a spirited defence, allowing time for some to escape, but would seem to have been killed to a man or woman. No wounded were left alive, and any non-combatants (including women and children) still in the town were massacred.
It is still confused as to how many people escaped, although it is reported a large party of around 100 survivors have been seen. However, hopes of many escaping seem remote, and a final expected death toll of possibly 70% or more of the population seems likely. Villages in the surrounding area of the town seem to have been left alone, and have been providing what shelter they can.
Any aid that can be lent to the survivors would be appreciated and should come through the circle at Gloucester. Especially food and blankets and any artisans who can aid in the rebuild of Hereford (carpenters and stone masons particularly).
Further if anyone hears reports of a woman called Grundy, or of her child, should immediately contact me at Gloucester.
Lord Ranulf Farendon

Earl-Marshal of Gloucester

Lord High Chamberlain of Albion