New Champion

Her Majesty, Queen Eloise, has a new champion!
After a gruelling trial-by-combat which saw Albion’s best and bravest face the blade in the hopes of attaining high honour in being Her Majesty’s sworn sword, the Trinity bestowed their favour.
He fell at the final stage last year to Sir Charlotte Hulce, but this year Cephlum Marwyn saw off all competitors and won the day.
In the final bout with Master Jennifer of the Armourer’s Guild, Cephlum fought with the arms of the Pendragon himself, and was well rewarded. Kneeling before the Queen, Cephlum was named Sir Cephlum of the Order of the Rose, and presented by our Queen with Excalibur, the Kingsword, that he may wield it in defence of Queen and Country.