Moot I, 1095 AF

Moot I, 1095 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
Arrived late on the 16th June at the Harts’ Moot, next time a guide would be useful. Many of the Hunters and my Duke Calin had not as yet arrived. I organised the camp for their arrival. There was much to do.

Lord General Hunter arrives

About 8 o’clock Lord General Hunter arrived. He was escorted by Duke Calin, Lady Ailish O’Donovan, Earl Tarragon, Baron Tarn, and the rest of the Hunter’s retinue. Lady Karlennon and Sir Hugo greeted them warmly. Lord General Hunter despite his years seemed to have recaptured some of his youth. He was so enthralled by all that was going on around him. He has been rarely seen outside Huntingdon for many years.

Unliving attack

Much later, seated talking to friends from Clan Caned and the Scara Guard, I saw a strange group of things infiltrating the perimeter our camp. One of these rushed at me and I was able to make my escape to give the alarm. I dived headlong through the doorway of the securely guarded Harts Command tent and I land at Lady Ailish’s feet, much to her surprise. The defence was efficiently arranged. Sir Jasper conducted Lady Karlennon to the centre of the tent to secure her from any dangers. Duke Calin before he charged into the middle of danger as usual told me to look over the old warrior, Lord General Hunter who was raring to go into the fight. He was bodily restrained until a few well-chosen words from Lady Ailish quietened him.
It was quiet outside. The Unliving were vanquished. I checked on the health of our brave warriors. Most were suffering from scratches and some had paralysis that was remedied. There was a buzz around the camp caused by the stimulation of imminent dangers. At midnight, Duke Calin and Lady Celyn cautioned me that I should withdraw to bed after such a harrying day. The sounds of revelry and the playing of drums were heard until the very early hours.

The Camp is quiet

Severe tooth ache awoke me upon the early hours of the 17th so had a tour of the camp and the surroundings to assuage the pain. All was very quiet despite the trying times that are upon us. Lady Karlennon instructed that she required my presence later in the morning.

Noble Order of Eaton

At about 11 o’clock, Lady Karlennon finally gave me audience to hear her requirements for the inception of the Noble Order of Eaton. She instructed me to draft this with Sir Robert Boyd, the Marshal of the Order. We took our leave of Duke Calin and the Code of the Noble Order of Eaton as drafted by us was as follows:
1. To keep the honour of Albion above internal conflict and external influence.

2. To be just, merciful, courageous, modest and generous.3. Do not bear false witness.4. To be plain spoken.5. To respect the authority of the Order.6. To honour due authority shown to us.7. Act in a sober and thoughtful manner whilst duty bound.8. Present oneself in a manner befitting a Member of the Order.9. Any transgression shall be judged by the Order.Earl Tarragon was agreeable with our wording. We discussed with him the various aspects of the order and how it should be used for the good of Albion.
At about 2 o’clock Earl Tarragon, Sir Robert Boyd and Sir Huw de Grognard presented the code and oath for Lady Karlennon’s assent. This she gave with great grace and she then went on to inform us of the list of worthy applicants. The only person that caused a little disquiet was Duke Anree due to his record of conduct that conflicted with the strict code. Upon Sir Huw’s prompting Sir Hugo and Baron Tarn were accepted for entrance to the order. Sir Robert Boyd and Earl Tarragon were instructed to talk to the aspirants to the order arranged by Sir Huw. The meeting cut short by the early arrival of Valsharess Vindryss Naxos D’Fey of the Tarantulas and her entourage at our gates.
Duke Calin leaves for Huntingdon

Just before supper, Duke Calin returned to Huntingdon to organise the defence of Lord General Hunter’s Castle that was under attack from Unliving. Jax, Sir Falcon and some of the other Hunters have accompanied him. The care of Lord General Hunter was passed into my hands..
Vampire beguiles Anree

About 7 o’clock the Ritualists protected by the Knights of the Dark Sun, and the Beastmen together with most of the camp left for the Ritual Circle. The camp was only lightly guarded. Some 20 minutes later, the hordes of Unliving attacked. I brought news to the Ritual Circle and led what fighters and Incantors I could back to the Harts’ camp. The Bears and the Anree Slayers were quick to action. A Vampire beguiled Duke Anree whilst wielding one of the Swords of Waylund. He was restrained with some difficulty and was pronounced after due consideration by Kathen Fairchild as not to have joined the Unliving. His beguilement much concerned me as the wielder of a Sword of Waylund is resistant to magic.
Medrault Astrolat endangers Ritual Circle

At 9 o’clock it transpired that Medrault Astrolat brought dishonour upon the Hunters. Many of the Ritual Circle believe that he endangered their lives by leaving the Ritual Circle. He was placed under close arrest by the Hunters to await the justice. I discovered later that Baron Annias entertained himself greatly with this poor fellow. I left Duke Anree, Sir Robert Boyd, Baron Malik, Archbishop Blackadder and a few other revellers enjoying the generous hospitality of Sir Hugo.
Banners missing

Arisen earlier than most on the 18th caused by the excruciating pain in my jaw. On leaving my tent the banners of the Karlennon Household, the Wolverines and the Hunters were missing. These were flying over a nearby infirmary. A number of eminent people were missing from camp. A search of the camp revealed no clue as to their whereabouts.
Anree loses Sword of Waylund

At about 10 o’clock Sir Hugo, Duke Anree, Archbishop Blackadder and Sir Robert Boyd amongst others walked aimlessly into the camp. They were beguiled by Vampires just after I had retired. Duke Anree was in great disgrace for loosing Orias, his sword of Waylund. The Incantors pronounced them as living and were put under observation for a while.
Calin returns

At midday Duke Calin returned from Huntingdon. He was perturbed by the loss of a Swords of Waylund. Sir Huw introduced him to various groups that were interested in joining the Hunters alliance. He seems finally to be in his element and taken to himself the role that has been thrust upon him.
Unliving attack the Gryphons

On walking past the Ritual Circle, strange sounds were emanating from it that did not bode too well. The alarm to our camp stirred everybody to action. The Gryphons were under serious attack by the Unliving. Leading from the front was that old campaigner Lord General Hunter ably supported by Duke Calin and his knights. A stirring sight that many wonders if they will see again.
Less than an hour later, Sir Hugo and Maroc carried Lord General Hunter back. He was seated in a chair where Sir Huw was able to administer to him. He seemed so near to death at this point. He was revived by his special ‘reserve’ and talked animatedly of wielding his trusty sword at the ‘blighters’ as he put it.
Some minutes later, the victors returned. The Gryphons were saved by the prompt action of the factions. None of our number were lost. Only when the Hunters arrived did the other factions take the prompting to organise their warriors in battle formation. Many remarked on the ‘Old Campaigner’ shouting to his instructions to keep in line. Great credit has been brought upon our fledgling faction by this day. The camp started to break up at dusk. There is much talk of the Great Gathering.