Mistress Culpeper’s Modern Albione Etiquette

Dear Mistress Culpeper,

Could you please tell me, which is the appropriate way to greet people at the gate to the camp? Should one attempt to be polite to those who are obviously hostile?

Curious, of Carlisle


It has often been said that one does not necessarily treat a lady with respect because she is a lady, but because you are a gentleman.

Thus it is that the mark of a civilised Albion gentleman or lady is to treat every visitor with courtesy.

Courtesy with regards to a visitor who comes in peace is generally well understood as hospitality, but the appropriate courtesy to those who approach in an obviously hostile manner or otherwise impudent is to engage them in the combat they so obviously crave.

There is, however, never a reason to fail to be polite even while running them through, quarter should be accepted if requested, or otherwise all bodies disposed of according to the customs of the deceased. Just because they are murderous thugs does not mean that we ought to become the same.