Mist Mission Primer

Issued Autumn 1119

This document is an attempt to collate and order the top level information vital to the success of the mission into the mists planned for late 1119, formed through discussion with Ser Graf Dog. Please inform Graf of any inaccuracies. Omissions may be due to a lack of knowledge, attempted brevity, or avoidance of putting sensitive information on paper. Parties known to have more information are listed, although many others can undoubtedly help. 

The warhost’s main aims

  1. Complete the quest for the first part of the round table
  2. Find Asmodius and convince him we’re the goodies
  3. Put something friendly and ancestral into the gap left in Einar

Other aims

  • Find out who the misty lady is and stop her.
  • Try to keep Kali safe.
  • Work out what the ancestral deal was.
  • Find out where to go for the subsequent part of the table.

Things to watch out for

The Turnkey court: An organisation trying to inflict their justice instead of the justice of the Crown on all of Albion. They dish out Banishment, Death or Branding. Beware of a magic box with a hole to drop things into, or elementals, demons or unliving turning up to yell about justice and potentially drag people away.

Excalibur or King Stephen’s dagger: These have not been available to us for much of this year. They have a habit of returning to the King especially when summoned, so could appear in our vicinity at any time.

Mordred: A Knight of the Round Table but aligned to chaos. Ultimately wants to claim the throne and rule Albion. Ancestral and powerful.

The mists themselves. An explanation follows.

What to expect in the mists

There are untold numbers of creatures and effects that may clutch you in the mists. You may step in and out in a matter of minutes and yet spend centuries in there. It is easy for a mind to be clouded in the mists, and it can render the most rational man insane. If you go without purpose you will be lost, it is important to focus on your aims to be able to find your way to what needs to be done. We have recently seen people from the year 632 arrive at court having entered the mists unwittingly where they were attacked, turned unliving and emerged again unsure of what happened to them and entirely unaware of their unfortunate pattern state. When a party traversed the mists earlier this year they were gone for a couple of hours but spent six weeks travelling within. Beware of sharing any information in the mists regarding the time you come from, or what position you hold. Confusing others within should be avoided and many may be from times ahead of or times before our own.

Finding a part of the table

In the time of Arthur, after the battle that killed him, his knights took apart the table because of the power it held, and each took a part to hide. It has remained hidden for centuries but with the rise of the Pendragon and the line firmly re-established on the throne it is time to undo what was done. Some of our people are oathbound to Avalon after swearing to complete this quest and being bound by a rite. We have ventured into the mists before but without the keys necessary to allow us to bring back a piece of the table – we have what is needed now. We believe we need to follow in the footsteps of Sir Bedevere to find the first part. 

Sir Gawain has told us that after we follow in the footsteps of Sir Bedevere and recover his piece he will appear and guide us on the next step.

People likely to know more about this: Kiaya, Echo, Jasper, Edwin, Raphael

Why we want Asmodius on our side

He’s a giant powerful winged demon who can call on smaller demons to do his bidding. He started out in life as neither good or bad (Nethras said so). Asmodius wanted to marry his true love, Jessica Mortimer. His love moved him to become a creature of good. But Jessica was promised to Lucas Redmoore. At first Lucas was a friend to Asmodius and tried to help the two of them run away in secret but the noble parents of both families convinced him not to. After that the families tried to get rid of Asmodius and sent people to try to kill him. In the chaos of battle caused by this Jessica died. This enraged Asmodius and he began to hunt down nobles in revenge. Lucas was convinced to help trap him and became bait. Lucas and Asmodius were trapped in a box where time barely seemed to pass for hundreds of years before Asmodius escaped and Lucas followed him out. Lucas says he regrets what he did. 

Since Asmodius escaped a couple of years ago we have begun to convince him that Albion has changed. Asmodius wants what is best for Albion and the children of Albion. He wants children to be free to choose their own path instead of being told who they can marry. He wants demons and humans to be able to marry and he wants everyone to have an equal start with the possibility of forging their own paths to greatness. He has become friendly with a lot of beastkin. He wants his story to be told as a cautionary tale. 

At court we had a lady called Kali. She was from the Mortimer bloodline and was half demon, half human. She has helped convince Asmodius that things have changed since his time and recently she took the children at court to speak directly to him and explain how we have not mistreated them. 

But we know that there is something in the mists. Some of the beastkin from around Poynton Keep told us that Asmodius is called to by what they call The Misty Lady. Rorim, the Herald of demons in the mirror has also shown our children that Kali is a good influence and calms Asmodius but something in the mists enrages him and tempts him towards getting something that will give him power and influence. The Misty Lady told him that with this maybe he can recover his lost love. He went into the mists after it towards the end of the Gathering of 1119 and Kali went after him. 

We don’t know if The Misty Lady wants to just manipulate Asmodius generally, or specifically to get access to the powerful thing (probably the table piece). It is possible that Asmodius is the key to success in seizing the table part and whoever has his favour has the advantage.

Some have said that The Misty Lady is probably Morgana.

People who can tell you more information about Asmodius: Lucas, Graf, Victor, Weathereye, Wyck

What is wrong with Einar

Einar started life as a beastkin and he joined The Crows of Albion. Artemis took him into a ritual circle and made him into a magical patterned ancestral of Tatterdemalion who is a Sicilijan ancestor of partying. The people who have influenced his life most are all tied to Albion and at a prayer meeting at the Gathering 1119 he said that he regretted that he was not so close to Albion as the people there but he was tied by a bond to his Ancestor that he would never try to break. Then Tatterdemalion sent an avatar and it ripped itself out of his pattern. What is left of Einar right now is an ancestral of nothing. He is healthy and his memories and thoughts are still in his pattern but the ancestral that should drive him is missing. This means that he will respond to commands that penetrate his consciousness and he will try to answer questions but he can’t really access most of his thoughts and memories. Things that are fundamentally a part of him do get through. He knows he is a Crow of Albion. He responds to the Albion call. He can fight. But he will not recognise his friends and he only recognises an enemy as somebody who assaults him. 

Tatterdemalion told both Raphael and Einar that a deal has been made. A speak-with-ancestor to Tatterdemalion to determine the details of that deal was attempted by Darwin with some of House Hunter, Raphael, and Graf involved but we don’t have an answer yet.

There is something friendly and Albione trying to fill the void in Einar, it is linked to a tree in the mists that Einar wants to go to but the mists are confusing Einar’s link to it and also confused Saylen when she tried to strengthen the link. There are voices calling through to him. We think the tree link is Merlin and it will be able to occupy Einar when we have completed something we need to do as part of the deal between the ancestors. 

Einar needs to be kept safe. Every command he hears overrides the last command he heard. He can be guided to do things easily. DO NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS. Causing Einar to perform for your entertainment is akin to enslaving him, do not do it. 

Certain words when spoken in the presence of Einar cause him to react. He will often say “The King and the Land are one”. If you say words linked to the time of Arthur the first, they sometimes cause a reaction from the voice linked to the tree or the other voices – sometimes this is so strong that it injures him. Einar can be healed by theology, casting sleep at him (he will take the sleep effect) and by healers skilled in dealing with magical patterns. 

If the deal is fulfilled and Einar is close enough to the tree we think the correct ancestor will become a part of him. However, he is a vessel waiting to be filled and in the mists there are many things that may want to steal that opportunity. 

For more information talk to Saylen, Scarlet, Graf, Marwenna