Militia doing

By our roving crime reporter U.N. Savory It is our happy duty to report that the Militia year, with distinct reductions of unjustified assaults with artefact weapons upon people of higher social standing. These results will doubtless please those who have long supposed that the Militia are just a -eating thugs high on their When approached for comment on this, Guild Grandmaster Darwin was heard swearing loudly through his office door, before our reporter was We can only assume what manner of worm those birds like best. We attempted to reach the pigeon coop to receive further comment, but were dissuaded by the presence of several large armed men and a very long flight of steps that we were warned constituted We then approached Sergeant Urthak, senior NCO of the guild, who had this for us: “What in Tir’s name has that gorra do with anyfing?? Yer wif dat fancy Albione arsehole’s paper, arent ye? Bugger off and find somefing worthwhile to do wit yer life!!” Affairs department.