Midsummer Games

Motson Jones of the Queen’s Herald

This fast paced game of individual wits and skill guarantees entertainment for crowds from all walks of life. The Fox, permitted to use all of the skills and abilities at their disposal* aims to survive for as long as they can. Traditionally a round is two minutes long though, in some wilder parts of Caledonia rounds have been known to last for many hours. The Hounds, numbering five may only use blades and sticks. Their aim is to bring down the Fox as quickly as possible.

*It should be noted that such magics as Defensive Auras achievable by channelers and those skilled in magecraft are frowned upon and often met with a flurry of magical blades.

Fark Mitt of the Queen’s Herald

“An Albione’s Home is his Castle, and they can dress it, darling, as he damn well pleases. But whose castle is best? Whose castle encapsulates what it means to be a Hart, a Dragon or an upstanding (or not!) citizen of Erdreja? This Midsummer, we shall find out whose tent, if any – is the best dressed, as it were…”

From the little book of rude festival games.

“Defeat your adversary in an ancient battle of waggishness and cunning repartee!Your aim is to render your opponent speechless by words of wit, not of power. The first to three unchallenged slights wins.To be a smart-mouth, you must first be smart…”

From the little book of festival games.

“A more polite take on the Flitings. Your aim is to flatter and impress your opponent with your kindness and praise. As per the Flitings, the first to three unanswered compliments wins. Is your patter sweeter than a baby mouse in sugar slippers?”

From the journal of Sir Ross Unswick of Albion.

“So there I was, sharing a hard earnt drink and setting the Egg to rights with Cael, we had a plan to resolve the Tellurian issue, the war on the Plane of Unlife and even a plan in the event of a renewal of the Race Wars. With little else to solve conversation turned to sport. I, myself am a fan of Jugga, there is nothing quite so satisfying as seeing two equal teams lined up against one another and the battle of wits and skill at arms. Cael snored loudly. A court cough “ahem” and he woke and, without missing a beat exclaimed “the problem with Jugga is it’s dull, I want more people, more teams, more balls and some chaos to it all, give them hunting dogs, or make them play backwards”. Unsure I suggested perhaps, extra rules, perhaps some good military disciple. And so it has been born. “Extreme Trugga”.At least 2 balls, at least 3 teams, and guest refs out for their own entertainment, what could possibly go wrong?”

Three teams, two balls, a warded field and chaotic refs. GAME ON.