Mage bolt from the Violet, 1096 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
I, Sir Huw de Grognard, have done my best to explain the sad occurrences that lead to the death of Maroc. I was not an eyewitness to these events. I had chosen to retire to a quiet corner to talk to old friends. Also both Master White and Master Violet had threatened me at the Open Grand Council so I wished not to start an incident that they would finish.

Suddenly there is not far away a disturbance. Master Violet accused Lady Lysandra of being involved in the ‘murder’ of Zoist Kyan. Master Violet had planned to resurrect his friend, the former Black Mage, with the help of the Tarantulas. Lady Lysandra was strongly advised by Maroc to leave. Sir Huw decided that he should retire to a quieter place.


Lady Lysandra recounted the story of Zoist Kyan to an interested audience including a Drow Matron Mother, Master Violet and Master White. “Zoist Kyan sought the Stewards Guild and asked for a price to assassinate a Master Mage. The price was I believe quoted as some 40 gold. I [Lady Lysandra] was warned of the threat to my life and went into hiding with he help of the Harts. Lady Tarragon made a proclamation through the High Sheriff on hearing of this. ‘Any attack on Master Black is deemed by Albion law to be an attack upon the person of the Speaker of the Harts, Lady Elspeth Tarragon herself.’ Zoist Kyan went from faction to faction seeking funds to ‘remove a problem that was bothering him’ as he said. He even went to the Harts to seek aide. However, he was arrested and a document was found on his person proving that he was trying to kill me [Lady Lysandra].”
At this point Master Violet exclaimed, “WHO ORDERED MY FRIEND’S DEATH?” Lady Lysandra replied, “It was not me.” The violence of their dispute increased to such an extent that the room quickly emptied. Master Violet attempted to get Lady Lysandra to admit that it was Lady Tarragon who had ordered the ‘murder’, but she refused to do so. Only Master White was left as an interested observer.
Finally Master Violet declared, “A more spectacular demonstration is requires of her [Lady Lysandra’s] treachery.” With this he disappeared.


Master Violet advanced on me with fire in his eyes and interrupted my conversation with a number of Colour Mages and demanded the answer to his question, “Is MAROC and ALEXANDER, one and the same. Where can I find this Maroc?” I answered, “I believe that they are closely related. Maroc will no doubt be nor very far away from Lady Elspeth.” As he walked away, “Thank you Sir Huw, I will ask Lady Karlennon [Tarragon].”


Down the stairs, Master Violet carried a candelabra containing a violet, a white and a black candle. He commented upon the irony of the colours of the candles and the order of their arrangement. He lit the violet candle and then turned to Master White and asked him if he wished to light his candle. He declined. Without asking Lady Lysandra, Master Violet tried to light the black candle. This was achieved with some difficulty. It then spluttered and flickered before finally exploding. Master Violet announced that this was proof that something was amiss with Lady Lysandra, the Black Mage.

Lady Tarragon Appears

As the smoke subsided Lady Tarragon appeared. She had apparently been summoned from the Library in the Castle of Eaton to the White Spire. This was to answer Violet’s accusation that the Harts had unlawfully killed Zoist Kyan, a former Black Mage. The Harts that were at hand closed ranks around her as best they could. In defence of her they struck out at the erstwhile kidnapper, Master Violet. He was unhurt by their blades it seems. This enraged Mage responded by loosing half a dozen Mage Bolts. Alexander, Baron Jasper and Sir Jonathan were mortally felled and were swiftly healed by the onlookers.


The situation seem to have calmed down when Master Violet in a booming voice demanded the destruction of Lady Lysandra, the current Black Mage. Meanwhile, Lady Lysandra was physically restrained by Ash McYokel, one of Master Black’s Apprentices, some fifteen to twenty feet away, near the bar. She only discovered the unfortunate occurrence afterwards.


Eventually order was restored. Master Violet insisted that Lady Tarragon should recount her recollection of the Zoist Kyan incident. Lady Tarragon stated, “Zoist Kyan was escorted into the Speaker’s Antechamber. He demanded to borrow money in the presence of Lady Kathen. Due to his continued abusive nature, I ordered his arrest. A document was found on him that proved his intent to murder Lady Lysandra. I called to me a number of my nobles and he was executed under Albion Law for Treason as explained by the earlier proclamation.”
Master Violet in a commanding voice “So you were the judge, jury and executioner.” Lady Tarragon replied, “A trial was convened. He was found guilty and executed for seeking the murder of an esteemed subject of Albion.”


With the vehemence of the righteous, Lady Tarragon argued skilfully her case. Alexander had enough of the insults towards her and calling her repeatedly Karlennon rather than Tarragon. He shouted at Master Violet ten feet away, “THAT IS LADY TARRAGON, YOU IGNORANT F??? WIT!!!!” In deadly response Master Violet threw a mage bolt at him. He fell into a heap upon the floor bleeding profusely. Master White was clearly seen as a very interested bystander.


The good Lady Aleda and a number of other asked that Maroc be healed, and an argument ensued. Lord Chancellor Cyrric of the Slayers attempted to push past and heal Maroc. On three separate occasions, he was repulsed by Khaela Moondancer, one of the Green Haired Apprentices, who was bearing the magical spear owned by Master White.
By the time that Floris had decided that if no-one else would heal the man, he would go and do it himself, Maroc had perished from his injuries. It is unclear whether Master Violet or Master White ordered his Green Haired Apprentices to stop any healers from coming to the aid of Alexander. Lady Orenda received testimony from Khaela that it was Master Violet that had ordered this. Alexander also known as Maroc died. Master Violet showed no remorse.


With the cry of revenge on the lips of the Harts, Grand Master Floris-Brand announced that jurisdiction in the issue should fall with the Wolves. This and the presence of the calming influence of Lady Tarragon was enough to stop further blood being shed. The Green Apprentices were placed under protective custody. Lady Orenda of Eastwood and Earl Hawkeye, High Sheriff of Albion collected eyewitness reports. Lord General Thorvald has since given the jurisdiction of this sensitive issue back to Grand Master Floris-Brand and he has chosen to the Guild Council to judge this sensitive issue.


A day later the High Sheriff of Albion, Earl Guillium de Hawkeye published this proclamation.

“Let it be known that the Master Violet Colour Mage is wanted for arrest under Albion law for the abduction of Lady Tarragon from Albion during his Birthday celebrations at the Master White’s Tower in Norsca. Matters are being pursued relating to the murder of Maroc (Seneschal to Lady Tarragon) by Master Violet. It is felt that this must be left to the justice of the Wolves.
The High Sheriff of Albion would appreciate any reports of matters leading up to these events, and other information concerning the colour mage in question. Let it also be known that the Green Haired Apprentices are required for questioning. Should they set foot upon Albion soil outside the tower they now occupy, and the adjoining ritual circle.
Lady Tarragon has been returned alive and in good health despite being abducted from Eaton via a teleport to Master Violet’s party, against her free will.”
Yours in Friendship and Justice
Guillium de Hawkeye, High Sheriff of Albion