Letter to House Ordos on Sithis matters

To Lord Tarro Ordos, House Ordos

From Burgemeister Anders Bremer von Ordos, Utrecht

My Lord,

I write to you on the matter of the recent presence of the Voivod army in the city of Utrecht. I have already written on the matter to the Minister for Internal Affairs but feel that as noble a man as he is, he is not of the Sithis faith and thus may not truly see the current situation as well as I would like.

I hope therefore that you, my Lord, as a good and loyal follower of Sithis, will be able to more understand the issue and use your considerable influence as the head of a Royal House to bring the matter to the attention of the House Council and others who may have influence in helping the situation.

My Lord, since the army of the Voivod and the fleet arrived, the good citizens of Utrecht have been treated very badly with regard to their choice of worship. Indeed I never thought that I woudl live to see the treatment of the church of Sithis in this way by the state. Many of the people have been harrassed by the soldiers and their commanders around the places of worship in the city, the families of prominent citizens have been targeted when they try to speak out on the matter and now I? hear that the Navy have been actively pressing men from the docks to such an extent that the local population in that area of becoming very angry on the matter.

Please my lord, I ask you to raise the issue of religious tolerance with the members of the house Council and other influential members of the nation in a bid to allow the freedom for people in the city to worship as they wish to.

I know that a loyal follower of cities you will do your best for the people of the city and I look forward to hearing from you on the results of your raising the matter soon.

Until then I remain the servant of House Ordos and your servant, my Lord.

Anders Bremer von Ordos

Burgemeister of Utrecht

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