Legal Precedent


Clarification of the status of the Stewards Guild, 1099
At the Harts Grand Council of 1099, Lerianneth Penhaligon of House Karlennon petitioned the Throne to clarify a matter of Albion Law; namely, the status of the Stewards Guild and their rights within Albion when carrying out the business of assassination.
Her Majesty, Elspeth clarified the matter thus. The Law of Albion protects all within Albion. Should one be found to have broken the Law they will pay the penalty as laid down in the Laws.
Specifically, if any is found to have murdered, or attempted to murder one protected by the Laws of Albion they will pay the penalty for that, their membership of any guild notwithstanding.
Justinian, Quaesitor in good standing

Entered into the records, April 1099


Bond agreed by Ori of the Scouts Guild for the safe conduct of Hopscotch of The Flight, 1104
Ori, senior aid to Master Sly,
Your offer to stand bond for the safe return for Hopscotch of The Flight is acceptable to the Crown under the following terms. A copy of this agreement will be kept on record in the college of Quaesitors for future reference.
You will arrive in person at Hopscotch’s place of custody to collect the afore mentioned Hopscotch from the agent of the crown immediately before the gathering of Scouts that he is to attend in your custody.
You will return the afore mentioned Hopscotch to his place of custody in the care of the agent of the Crown immediately after the gathering of Scouts that he is to attend in your custody.
The agent of the Crown will need to be satisfied in any case where the identity of the afore-mentioned Hopscotch is in doubt.
The agent of the Crown will need to be satisfied in the event of the afore mentioned Hopscotch’s demise preceding being returned to the custody of the agent of the Crown. To this end various methods may be used both Arcane and Mundane until the agent is satisfied
Should the terms of this agreement be violated and Hopscotch not returned to the custody of the agent of the Crown to their satisfaction then yourself, Ori senior aid to master Sly, will be held accountable for and tried in the matter of the accusation of unlawful killing of Eseld James. In the event of a guilty verdict you will suffer any punishment that would have been borne by Hopscotch
In all cases in this document the agent of the Crown shall be known as Lord Lieutenant of the Western March Finn Dracha or Lord Provost Jac
Drafted by the Quaesitor to the Provosts office

On behalf of the Crown, February 1104

Swift Trial

The Crown versus Mistress Judith d’Abernon, seneschal of Marchwood Hunting Lodge
A charge of High Treason was laid by the High Sheriff, Jac, against Judith d’Abernon seneschal of Marchwood Hunting Lodge. The substance of the charge stated that the afore-mentioned Judith did consort with Vampires and act against the interests and the person of The Crown during the last hunt of the season, in the month of November 1098.
This charge was dropped a year later by the High Sheriff due to lack of evidence and at that time a counter charge was laid by Judith d’Abernon against the High Sheriff and the Earl of Marchwood, Benedict Karlennon, for wrongful imprisonment.
The Crown heard and dismissed the charge, deeming that sufficient cause existed for the arrest and subsequent imprisonment. However the Crown proclaimed that the Law should be swift and trial must take place as soon as is practical following an arrest.
This is deemed to be guidance on the Law as oppose to an amendment and as such has been placed in the lists of precedent. On request of the High Sheriff this will be circulated to all Quaesitors in good standing and all Sheriffs.
From the archives of the Council Of Quaesitors

as circulated to all Sheriffs and Quaesitors in good standing 1099