Landed Nobles of Albion Circa 1123

As recorded by Lord High Steward, May 1123

Under supreme authority of their Majesty Queen Cara Corvidae

Archduke Naseby
Sir Brandon Barthez
Lord High Steward

Archduke Wickham
Lady Chamberlain

Archduke Lancaster
Caine Karlennon
The Merlin

Duke Snorter of Gloucester
Countess Clarity of Ellenbrooke
Baroness Kayla of Edwinstowe
Baroness Tathri’el of Castleford
Earl Bennett of Chester
Baron/Sir Robert of Hereford

Duke Baramura of York
Earl Kristos of Lincoln
Lord Mayor Spineshank of Londinium
Baron Hittori of Iver
(Earldom of Warwick Unclaimed)

(Duke vacant)
Earl/Sir Chackra of Bristol
Baron Owain of Silverlake
Earl Alistair of Exeter

(Duke vacant)
Countess Graf of Carlisle
Baron Jon of Havoc
Baron Diev of Two Rivers
Earl Flare of Nottingham
Protector Icthus of Milford
(Hon) Baron Sorrow of Loxley

Duke Magnus of Winchester
Earl Cuthbert of Marchwood
Baron Victor of Bollington

These appointments are accurate only as of May 1123 and are subject to change at any time

Albion Forever – Albion Prevails.