Kidnapped and Katrina, Dragon Moot of 1096 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
This account was reconstructed by conversations with Sir Morgannia of the Hunters and Dimitri Lenin of the Communist Party. On Saturday afternoon of the Dragon Moot, Morgannia stated that he was going on the Quest to rescue Lady Katrina from the enthrallment of Satûn. It was believed that her actions were due to being possessed by Satûn. There may be still some fragments of good left in her as she is not dead yet as Lord Schadel had put it. Also a fragment of her crown was thought to be required as a component of the antidote to the Tomb Rot Disease.

I gave Morgannia my tabard and what water I had as he was just going on his quest. Proudly in his new Hunters green, he borrowed the Club of Mithros from Lord General Jaddvor of the Lions as payment from his body-guarding duty at the Convocation of the Guilds.


The fighter’s consisted of Gideon of the Paladins of Danu with a Unliving Slaying Sword; Sir Morgannia of the Hunters with the Club of Mithros and a magic sword, a fighter from the Communist Party Wielding the People’s Hammer, Sir Galan de Lacy of the Alchemist Guild with Morax the Chaos Sword of Waylund and another fighter with an Unliving Slaying Sword. There were also various silver weapons in the party. The leading of the three Mages was Dimitri Lenin of the Communist Party. The eight Incantors came from the Tribe and the Communists. Dion the Scout from the Scout Guild, and a healer completed the party.


A couple of hours after midday, Lord Schadel Ra gave his blessing to the party before they were transported from Cymrija to somewhere in Orkneyjar. This turned out to be the Island of Skald to the West of Orkneyjar.


They were attacked immediately upon arrival by ghouls, spectres, skeletons, skeletal warriors, zombies, mummies and demons. Once each wave was beaten off another arrived. Disease, paralysis and fatal wounds caused much havoc amongst the Party. At one point most of the fighters were down. Sir Morgannia was only saved by the promptness of the healer purging poison.


At about this time, the sword wielded by Sir Galan de Lacy began healing the Unliving causing even more work for the very hard pressed fighters. This only stopped when the Alchemist knocked unconscious but the Sword healed him within minutes. He was acting very strangely as the Sword seemed to be trying to take him over so Morgannia subdued him. The Sword healed him again and became irrational as the struggle for control of the mind was causing Galan de Lacy such distress.


Six demons attacked and all were killed except one who decided strangely to assist in our quest. After a couple of more Unliving encounters that had almost exhausted the Incantors powers, the party rested and took stock of the situation.


Guarding the Gate of Katrina’s Palace was a terrible demon. Upon our approach he cast a fire ball that smote one from the tribe down with fatal wounds. He was administered to with speed as Galan de Lacy with Morax tackled this creature. The battle took some time as the Chaos Sword in its own fickle way healed both parties. Eventually the Demon was vanquished. Soon after this the party was attacked by Unliving as they passed through the gate.


Upon entering Lady Katrina’s Bed Chamber, she was being tortured by two of Satûn’s play things while she slept. These were swiftly dispatched and the Lady awoke. Dimitri will all the rhetoric that is renowned by his party talked to Lady Katrina while the rest of the party took up a defensive stance around her. She kept repeating, “You are the servants of Satûn and are trying to trick her…. Break my will….. You are here to raise my hopes only to dash them….” Meanwhile, the Alchemist tried unsuccessfully to get a scraping from her crown.


After some minutes of talking, Dimitri realised that Katrina was an illusion and so summoned her to appear. She appeared with a little army of Unliving. Dimitri tried to talk to Katrina but she became frustrated and set her Unliving upon them as one would set a dog upon an unwilling guest. During the fierce fighting, the Alchemist succeeded in getting a scraping from the Katrina’s crown. The fighting only stopped when Dimitri bravely challenged her to a duel of wits. This amused the Lady and she accepted. In this lull all the wounded were attended to as best they could.


Dimitri told Lady Katrina that one of the Goblets contained deadly poison and the other wine. Dimitri let Katrina choose one of two goblets and they drank at the same time. However, both of them had a triple strength specially prepared love potion. It was known that Katrina was immune to poisons. The love potion seemed to fleetingly have some effect upon Lady Katrina. Unfortunately this did not last. Dimitri fell hopelessly in love with Katrina. As Katrina was lead into the circle made by the Party to teleport out, there was an ear piercing scream and they found themselves back in the ritual circle surrounded with Unliving. The party fought their way out. Grand Master Floris-Brand closed the Ritual Circle. Katrina was missing and Dimitri was inconsolable. He had yet to recover his spirits the next morning when I talked to him as he wandered seemingly aimlessly.


Sir Galan de Lacy of the Alchemist Guild was ecstatic when a the Swords of Waylund fell into his possession but this turned out to be a Chaos sword. Whilst he was under its influence he acted even more strangely than is his way. It was rumoured that he slit the throat of his wife while under its effects. However, his wife was not present at the Moot. Several people, including Lady Attila the Nun, were treated to the experience of seeing nothing but fluffy pink clouds for several minutes after being touched by it. This rather upset Lady Kathen Fairchild as Lady Attila the Nun was unable to contribute to her ritual. Fortunately the effects wore off in time. Later Grand Master Floris destroyed the Chaos Sword but not until after it had caused further mischief.