Juicy Little Nuggets

*** MISSING: Satisfied customers. Last seen emerging from the Cream Tease with pouches and sacks lightened. If found, suggest a second visit. (Rainbow Donkey has had her mane trimmed)

*** FAST SALE NEEDED: An anonymous source would like to offer for sale 1 ton of latex adult novelties as a result of overstocking. Bulk rates available. Apparently having Bro regions is considered a turnoff by some. *** Romance is in the air? It seems not.. Faction Lothario, generally acclaimed silver fox and all- round handsome fellow Isaac Hulce is still somehow unexplainably single! The Tease can t help but wonder why one of the most eligible batchelors in the whole realm remains unattached. Of course, there are those scurrilous whisperers who claim that a man so handsome without a lady at his side must be a little comme-ci, comme-ca as they say in Lyonesse (and those cheese eating surrender monkeys would know..)

The failing newspaper the Queen s Herald is bigly full of fake news, propaganda and other things. Sad! Nothing to compare to the hugest, most luxurious publication ever to go to press, which has a MUCH higher circulation and is generally viewed as the arbiter of all that is true, accurate and amusing in our egg. (That s us, by the way)