Interview: Weathereye of the Beastmen

Who are you?
I am a hair from the head of the Father Shaman off the lynx clan, who are tribe of beastkin from the south west of Albion. The Father Shaman exists in a magical realm created for him by the Dragon, when Albion was in trouble he wanted to help so he sent a very small part of himself to Aid the land he loves. Oh and I am also the Dream of Albion but that wasn’t part of my mission, I am meant to have returned to him by now…
What do you want?
A Strong Albion that gives everyone the chance to better themselves and that includes the ancestors who have dreams and desires just like the rest of us.
Who is your hero?
Ma Crow, when Albion called she re invented herself in order to aid Nethras.
What’s your biggest flaw?
I think I can talk my way out of anything , however not everyone wants to listen so then it just gets.
If invited to a banquet which five people would you invite to your table and why?
The Hunter, he would provide the food and spent all night glaring at Caligar
The Pendragon, he would make sure we all got a fair share, and would of cource be sat between the hunter and Caligar.
Nethras, There is no other Ancestor who can cook the way she does, also if the boys got out of hand she would give them a hiding.
Caligar So we can get him drunk and talk some sense into him. Plus there is always someone at the party who gets all shouty and has to be sat on by everyone else.
Mordred He’s has the best jokes and there is always a chance he might do the washing up.
If someone could create a magical item for you what would it be?
A staff that struck for “remorse”
What is best in life? Tea or cake?
Defintely Tea (with cake dunked in it!)
Do I have to take my clothes off now?