Huntsman plays with dead things?

Where’s the best place for a massive necromancer to hide in Albion? Why, the Royal Court, of course!


Rumours have reached the Tease that former Lord Chamberlain, former High Ambassador, former Lord Regent, current Royal Huntsman, shiny Pendragon law-boy, and all-round darling of the Harts, Theo D’Arby may well have a guilty pleasure!

It’s no secret that House D’Arby have a chequered past in Albion, famously meddling with poisons and demons, but Theo, who has often been called the “white sheep” of the family, has always presented himself apart from all that terrible stuff. The Tease has heard, however, that Theo has taken an interest in a whole new hobby.

Having served the realm for so long, we can’t fault him for living (or rather, Unliving) his life to the fullest. In his own words, “Everyone is a Necromancer until proven innocent.” Here at the Tease we’re waiting with bated breath to see what he does next!

D’Arby prefers to call it ‘posthumous caring’ rather than “necromancy”