House Galatine

Based: Barony of Rufford
(in the County of Nottingham and the Duchy of Keswick)
Heraldry: A white fox a red field.
Leader: Golda Galatine

Every time conflict has emerged that has put Albion at risk, The Galatine Family has always given what little they had to help fight in the name of the King, no matter how few that may be. 
Many years ago, a shield-maiden of our family brought a conflict to its end, by pure tactical decision making and clever strategy. From then on, we were promoted to nobles by becoming a vassal house attached to House Corvidae.

Since then, the head of the house has been the first born female of the family, in recognition of it’s first leader. This person is given the internal title of ‘Vixen’, for foxes are intelligent and very clever creatures and this was the insignia gifted to us by the high council all those years ago.

It’s current ‘Vixen’ is Golda Galatine, the first born daughter of Grace Galatine. Golda has many brothers and sisters, but the most relevant siblings are Gregory (her older half brother) and Guinevere (her younger sister), who were all born of Grace Galatine.

Between the three of them, it is their highest priority to protect and support the Harts of Albion, and its king, to the end.

Submitted by: Golda Galatine (Head of the House)