House Farendon

Based: Barony of Shrewsbury
(in the County of Chester and the Duchy
of Gloucester)
Heraldry: Gold, bearing a castle of two towers and a gateway. On a chief (at the top) green, two Harts’ heads, cabossed (face on).. On a base, black, a tree.
Leader: Henry Farendon, Earl of Chester

Noble House

House Farendon is one of those long established Albione houses that has existed alongside the major houses for generations. In general though, it has concentrated on raising crops and supplying men for the armies, rather than taking a prominent role at court. Traditionally, House Farendon has lieged itself to House Charenten.

Probably its mote famous member was Ranulf Farendon, a healer, who rose from Steward and Seneschal to Edward Charenten to become Earl Marshal of Gloucester, and Lord High Chamberlain of Albion in 1098. His wife, Constance, leader of the Bards’ guild, was responsible, with Meg the Minstrel, for the tune of Albion Forever, and Ranulf was one of the group who wrote the words.

In 1105, the then head of the family, Thomas Farendon, was killed, while attempting to become married to Alisha Karlennon, in a bid to establish an alternative claim to the throne, to the legitimate claims of King Edward Pendragon.

Since then the house has worked to become accepted back in Albione society, and to demonstrate it’s loyalty to Edward Pendragon, and the Pendragon throne of Albion.

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