Honouring the life and rule of Queen Eloise Hunter

Detailed below is an account of Olaf ‘The Hammer’ Ironshield, Thane of the Ironhold of Trinity Reach, Honouring the life and rule of Queen Eloise Hunter.

Where to Begin, in such sad times.

Well it is known the mistrust between Dwarf and Elf, going back to ages past. The wars, the grief, the suffering, the needless death. So it’s not easy for a Stubborn Dwarf from the Ironhold like myself to admit, but it seems not all I have been told about Elves was true. Some surprise you, some amaze you and for a select few you may even bend the knee and follow them to whatever end.

For this is one of those tales, an Elf who inspired a nation. A Queen who ruled with passion, strength, and fire, a fire hotter than any Dwarven forge. All for the Albione nation whose love for their Queen is undying.

Although I could not swear my oath to Queen Eloise, for I am already oathsworn to my own King, my Uncle, King Magnor, The King within the mountain. It should be noted still, I would have followed Queen Eloise into the very fires of hell had she wished it. I had given my word freely to defend her and the Albion throne. Once given a Dwarves word cannot, will not be broken.

Of Eloise I would say this she fought and died for what she believed in. Eloise lived her life for the betterment of all her people, Human, Elf, dwarf, Beastkin alike. She fights on still it is said on the ancestral plain. Eloise may have been an Elven Queen, but to me she has the heart of a Dwarven warrior.

Many years from now Rhunkie willing when my life on the egg has been spent and my forge has lit its final fire, I Hope to take my place in Govannan’s halls. With the strength of heart Eloise possessed it would not surprise me to see her there drinking with Grumbar, Freya, Thordin and Govannan. For Eloise was a Queen for all and I feel privileged to have served her court.

Behind my gruff exterior and matted beard, I look out through eyes that are no stranger to death. As I look out across the land the egg seems a shade darker since Eloise’s light has gone out and she has moved on in her journey.

We dwarves of the Ironhold have a lot to learn about the surface world. Souls like Eloise are why we venture out of our holds in search of knowledge. Queen Eloise taught me many things in my short time of knowing her.

I now have to take up my uncle's seat on the Stone Council and rule the Ironhold as Thane. I pray if I can rule just half as well as dear Queen Eloise I shall Leave this world a happy dwarf.

To anyone who reads this account, join me, raise a glass, look deep inside and remember what Queen Eloise Hunter meant to you.

Iron within Iron without!

Olaf ‘The Hammer’ Ironshield, Thane of The Ironhold of Trinity Reach