Honey’s Halfling Pantry

Honey’s Campfire ‘Nanas

Now I love ‘nanas. Because they are yellow, and yellow is awesome and fun and also chocolate, chocolate is nearly as good as cake, but we had cake last time so this time not cake but we’ll have lots of ‘nana action instead.I LOVE BANANAS.

OK what do you need for this one? Well to start you need some Bananas, not those yucky green ones though, you need YELLOW bananas, because green is a yucky colour for food and no-one wants green food (like those horrible pistachio nut things, they should be banned!)

OK so an ingredients list……


Bananas (1 each – unless you’re greedy like me, then get more!)

Chocolate (about 5 pieces per ‘nana) (Dark or Milk depending on how sweet your teethies are).

Marshmallows (3 per ‘nana) (Get more than you need because some always mysteriously vanish when you are making the ‘nanas)Chocolate drops/buttons (A smallhandful per ‘nana) (Different type of chocolate to your main chocolate. I like white ones!)

Chopped nuts (But don’t put them in if they will make you die!)


Firstly you need to light a fire.

If you’re clever like me and wait a while then Scarlet will usually have already made the fire good and hot, which is so nice of her. I think she has magic red hair that is good for starting fires but who knows. Anyways, once you have fire, wait until you get those hot red glowing bits in the bottom, then start getting your bananas ready.

Slice down the bananas lengthyways. DON’T PEEL THEM, YOU NEED THE SKIN SO THEY DON’T LEAK EVERYWHERE. Noone wants to loose all that sticky goodness in the firepit!

Then stuff the blocks of chocolatein your slit. Then force in the marshmallows, and then fold the skin back a little, sprinkle in the chocolate buttons/drops and crushed nuts, then fold the skin back to where it was.Now wrap the whole thing in foil and chuck it in the bottom of the firepit for about 10 minutes.After 10 minutes get it out of the fire (don’t use your fingers. I did that once and it was very ouchy!)

Open the foil and peel back the skin, the ‘nana should be cooked, and all the chocolatey gooey-yummyness all melted and yummy.

If it’s coked, get a spoon or form, and eat the ‘nana and chocolate yummys straight from the skin.If not cook a little longer, then eat it!Who said fruit had to be boring!I LOVE CHOCOLATE BANANAS!!!

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love

Honey xxx